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Trivago Hotel Free Booking Links

Feature your direct rates in trivago free links.

What is Trivago's free link service?

Trivago's free link service revolutionises the online hotel booking industry by empowering independent hoteliers to regain control over their rates, increase revenue, and provide a seamless booking experience for travellers.

Key User Benefits

  • Direct rate display: Showcase direct website rates.
  • OTA rivalry: Compete with OTAs.
  • Booking boost: Drive more bookings.
  • Market dominance: Enhance market presence.
  • Smooth reservation journey: Seamless booking experience.
  • Seamless booking experience
  • Revenue amplification: Generate higher revenue.
  • Data-driven strategy: Access valuable data and insights.

Why use Trivago's free link service?

Trivago rates showcase icon

Showcase direct website rates

Display your best prices to travellers

With Trivago's free link service, independent hoteliers can showcase their direct website rates, allowing travellers to access the best prices available and book directly.

Attract more bookings and generate higher revenue

By displaying your rates directly on trivago, you can attract more bookings and generate higher revenue, cutting out intermediaries and maximising your profits.

Provide a seamless booking experience

Offer travellers a seamless booking experience by showcasing your direct rates on trivago, eliminating the need for them to visit multiple websites to find the best prices.

Compete with OTAs and control rates

Level the playing field with OTAs

Trivago's free link service allows you to compete with online travel agencies (OTAs) by showcasing your direct rates, giving you more visibility and control over your pricing.

Autonomy to control rates, content, and brand visibility

Take control of your rates, content, customer data, and brand visibility with Trivago's free link service, empowering you to manage your online presence effectively.

Enhance your market presence and attract more guests

By competing with OTAs and chains for visibility on trivago, you can enhance your market presence, attract more guests, and stand out from the competition.

Offer personalised services and generate revenue

Provide personalised services and upsell directly

Utilise Trivago's free link service to offer personalised services and upsell directly to travellers, creating a unique and tailored experience that enhances guest satisfaction and generates additional revenue.

Access valuable data and insights

By integrating with Trivago's free link service, tech providers can gather valuable data and insights on how properties perform on trivago, enhancing their services and improving their offerings.


Direct Website Rate Showcase

Display your rates prominently.

Compete with OTAs and Chains

Stay competitive in the market.

Personalised Services and Upselling

Tailor services to boost revenue.

Control Rates, Content, and Visibility

Manage your brand and pricing.

Enhanced Market Presence

Strengthen your market position.

Equal Exposure with Major OTAs

Gain visibility alongside top competitors.

Seamless Booking Experience

Ensure smooth reservations.


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