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Verity Guest

Personalise every guest experience along the customer journey with Verity CRM and create a relationship link between the hotel and the customer through powerful loyalty programmes.

What is
Verity Guest?

Verity Marketing Platform transforms the way Hotels manage their guests and their data, driving significant improvement in customer experience and boosting customer loyalty and revenue.

Key User Benefits

  • Enhanced guest satisfaction: Deliver bespoke experiences and amenities tailored to each guest's unique preferences and past interactions.
  • Increased revenue opportunities: Optimise room bookings, upselling, and cross-selling of services by understanding guest behaviour and preferences.
  • Streamlined operations: Centralise data from diverse systems, offering staff a unified platform that simplifies management tasks and reduces errors.
  • Strategic marketing insights: Benefit from AI-driven recommendations to personalise marketing campaigns, increasing guest engagement and repeat bookings.
  • Loyalty & retention boost: With a robust loyalty management suite, foster stronger relationships with guests, encouraging longer stays and more frequent returns.
  • Compliance & trustworthiness: Assure guests of their data privacy and integrity, adhering to international standards, building trust, and reinforcing brand reputation.

Why use Verity Guest?

Screenshot of verity guest's customer data platform (CDP)

Verity Guest's customer data platform (CDP)

Gain valuable insights

Verity Guest's CDP consolidates and unifies customer and prospect data, providing hotels with a comprehensive view of guest preferences, behaviour, and interactions for valuable insights and informed decision-making.

Create personalised experiences

Verity Guest's CDP provides a Single Customer View that enables hotels to track a guest's real-time journey, event history, loyalty, identities, and privacy preferences. This allows for the creation of highly personalised experiences that cater to individual needs.

Maximise data quality

Verity Guest's CDP utilises a creative data quality framework to maximise the quality of data through standardisation, normalisation, matching, and deduplication. This ensures consistent recognition of individual guests and enhances data accuracy.

Screenshot of verity guest's CRM for hotels

Verity Guest's CRM for Hotels

Gain a full understanding of guest DNA

Verity Guest's CRM provides a comprehensive understanding of each guest's history, context, behaviour, preferences, and needs through its unique guest DNA feature, empowering hotels to personalise interactions and improve customer satisfaction.

Advanced CRM Functionality

Verity Guest's CRM offers advanced features, including identity resolution, sub-account creation, tag management, orchestrated email marketing, and personalised next-best actions. These functionalities enable hotels to effectively manage guest data and deliver targeted marketing campaigns.

Orchestrated email marketing

Verity Guest's CRM orchestrates email marketing campaigns, leveraging data from various systems to drive new reservations and revenue. Hotels can engage guests with transactional emails and targeted campaigns, fostering a stronger bond between guests and the brand.

Screenshot of verity guest's hotel loyalty programme platform

Verity Guest's hotel loyalty programme platform

Comprehensive loyalty management suite

Verity Guest's loyalty management suite supports targeted, closed-loop loyalty and rewards programs, empowering hotels to design and execute effective loyalty initiatives that incentivise guests to choose their brand over others.

Loyalty strategy

Verity Guest's loyalty experts collaborate closely with hotels to build highly effective digital loyalty strategies, ensuring the right decisions are made when establishing or redesigning loyalty programs, maximising customer engagement and retention.

Personalised guest portal

Verity Guest's guest portal provides a personalised platform for loyalty members to view their status, redeem rewards, book upgrades, and manage their profiles. Hotels can directly connect with guests, reducing reliance on third-party distribution channels.

Screenshot of verity guest's hospitality decision sciences

Verity Guest's hospitality decision sciences

Comprehensive property intelligence

Verity Guest's property intelligence offers the most comprehensive hospitality analytical model in the market. Hotels can access predefined reports and self-service dashboards to improve customer service, promotions, and revenue analysis.

Operational analytics

Verity Guest's operational analytics enables hotel brands to view and analyse data intelligence across their entire portfolio of hotels. This helps improve the hotel business plan and identify revenue opportunities in local, regional, and global markets.

On-the-books & pickup

Verity Guest's on-the-books & pickup feature allows hotels to track performance variations and compare current business position with statistics from previous periods. This data-driven approach helps hotels make informed decisions to enhance their performance.


AI-Powered Personalisation icon

AI-Powered Personalisation

Leverage advanced algorithms to analyse guest data and preferences, delivering tailored experiences for heightened satisfaction.

Seamless Integration icon

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly connects with various hotel management systems, consolidating data for a holistic guest management view.

Guest DNA Profiling icon

Guest DNA Profiling

Access a 360-degree view of each guest's history, preferences, and behaviours to enhance their stay.

Comprehensive customer Data Platform (CDP) icon

Comprehensive customer Data Platform (CDP)

Offers a Single Customer View while ensuring data quality and compliance with major privacy regulations.

Hospitality Decision Sciences icon

Hospitality Decision Sciences

Gain actionable insights with property intelligence, operational analytics, and guest behaviour metrics, driving revenue growth.

Advanced loyalty programme management icon

Advanced Loyalty Programme Management

Design, execute, and manage robust hotel loyalty programs, including B2B options for industry professionals.


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