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Hospitality industry-focused payment gateway from webhotelier &

What is roompay?

roompay is the hospitality industry's most modern credit card billing and payment management solution. Designed to fully cover the specific needs of both hotels and all other types of accommodation properties, roompay brings to your business the reliability, security, and expertise in payment management from two groups each being a leader in their field: webhotelier | primalres and

Key User Benefits

  • Effortless integration: Simplify payment integration for quick and easy onboarding, reducing the need for complex development.
  • Lower commissions: Save up to 20% compared to traditional banks with roompay's lower commission rates.
  • Diverse payment options: Accept various payment methods, including digital wallets like Apple Pay & Google Pay, to enhance conversion rates and reach a wider customer base.
  • Enhanced security: Benefit from robust security features, including PCI compliance and advanced fraud protection, ensuring secure transactions and data protection.
  • Customer-centric features: Enable saved card usage across different merchants, promoting customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Personalized payment experience: Dynamically present preferred payment methods for each customer, improving user experience and transaction success.
  • Regulatory compliance and updates: Stay compliant with evolving standards like PSD2, SCA/3DS, and PCI, while roompay continually updates its features and payment methods without manual coding.

Why use roompay?

Screenshot of payment process from roompay

Effortless webhotelier integration

Seamless integration process

Roompay's integration with webhotelier's Payments Assistant Manager enhances productivity and ensures maximum data security. With a single click, you can charge credit cards, through webhotelier’s extranet, for all online bookings, including direct and OTA reservations, guaranteeing speed and minimising human error.

Smart checkout interface

roompay integrates a smart checkout interface. Whenever your rate plan requires payment at the time of booking, roompay's smart checkout will request booking engine visitors to pay via their credit card on the booking engine checkout page.

Robust security and fraud protection

Security is a top priority with roompay. We provide complete PCI and SCA/3DS support, backed by advanced fraud protection powered by machine learning algorithms.

Screenshot of payment methods available at roompay

Conversion increase up to 20%*

Multiple payment methods

roompay supports a variety of payment methods, catering to customer preferences. From credit cards to digital wallets, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, roompay makes payments convenient, significantly increasing conversion rates.

Customer-centric features

roompay prioritises your customers. It allows them to use saved cards from past purchases, even from other roompay merchants. This seamless experience encourages repeat business and boosts conversion rates.

Intelligent behaviour

roompay's intelligent behaviour adapts to each customer's preferences. It dynamically presents the most likely converting payment methods, enhancing conversion rates by personalising the payment experience.

* based on analysis over samples checkout pages;
e.g. from 73% to 88%

Screenshot of payment process from roompay for mobile devices

Continuously refreshed

Regulatory compliance

Rest easy knowing that roompay remains compliant with evolving regulations, including PSD2, SCA/3DS, and PCI standards. We handle all compliance requirements, allowing you to focus on your business.

Enhanced features

roompay continuously enriches its features and payment methods. We ensure that your payment processing stays ahead of industry trends. You won't need to worry about coding updates; roompay takes care of everything to keep your payment system cutting-edge.

Unique advantages

roompay offers unique advantages not found in API-based checkouts. Customers can use cards saved across the roompay ecosystem, even for their first purchase, without the need for an account. This feature encourages customer loyalty and sets you apart from competitors.


Global payment scheme support icon

Global payment scheme support

Expand payment options with support for regional schemes, enabling customer-preferred methods and global reach.

Seamless digital wallet integration icon

Seamless digital wallet integration

Simplify wallet integration for a smooth payment process, catering to a wide customer range, enhancing efficiency.

Effortless digital wallet integration icon

Effortless digital wallet integration

Easily integrate Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal for a user-friendly payment experience.

Lower commission rates icon

Lower commission rates

Save costs with competitive rates, optimising revenue and profitability.

Broad payment scheme compatibility icon

Broad payment scheme compatibility

Support regional payment schemes, ensuring customers can pay their way, enhancing global market reach.

Enhanced cost efficiency icon

Enhanced cost efficiency

Maximise efficiency with lower commissions, boosting revenue retention.

Discover how roompay can accelerate your digital transformation and streamline your operations.

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