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RateParity Conversion Rate Optimisation Platform

Increase the conversion Rate of your official Hotel's website

What is
RateParity CRO Platform?

Rateparity CRO is a comprehensive conversion rate optimisation platform designed exclusively for hotels and property owners. It offers a suite of tools and features to maximise direct bookings, enhance online reputation, and optimise revenue through personalised strategies.

Key User Benefits

  • Maximise direct bookings: RateParity CRO's price comparison tool empowers guests to verify rates, ensuring they're getting the best rate, thereby increasing direct bookings and revenue.
  • Enhance guest trust: Build credibility with the reviews widget, displaying aggregated review scores to inspire guest trust for higher conversion rates.
  • Personalised guest engagement: Interact 24/7 with guests using the AI-Powered Chatbot, promote special offers, assist with queries, and drive direct bookings.
  • Optimise revenue strategies: Generate more revenue and attract guests with enticing promotions using vouchers and gift cards.
  • Boost conversion rates: Recover potentially lost bookings with the cart abandonment feature, sending personalised notifications to encourage guests to complete their reservations.
  • Data-driven insights: Leverage advanced analytics and reporting to make informed decisions, understand guest demand, and refine your marketing strategies.

Why use the RateParity CRO Platform?

Screenshot of hotel overview in RateParity app

Advanced analytics and data-driven decisions

Make informed decisions with comprehensive analytics

Transform your hotel's marketing strategy with Quotelier, an integral part of RateParity CRO. Our platform offers advanced analytics and reporting, helping you track progress, demonstrate value, and discover new opportunities to elevate your revenue. Stay informed on all guest requests and anticipate trends with real-time insights into demand.

Optimise pricing and distribution strategies

RateParity CRO's price comparison tool with integrated booking engine empowers your hotel's website visitors to verify rates offered by OTAs without leaving your pages. This reassures guests of your best rate guarantee and inspires them to book directly from your hotel. The tool also provides real-time pricing disparity alerts, allowing you to adjust prices and offer the best rate guarantee on your site.

Stay competitive with real-time rate intelligence

The AI-Powered Hotel Chatbot integrates Price Comparison functionality, displaying your hotel's rates across, Expedia, and Agoda based on user input. This real-time rate intelligence enables your hotel to stay competitive by offering the best available rates and enticing potential guests to book directly.

Screenshot of a proposal in rateparity

Enhance online reputation and reach

Manage your online reputation effectively

RateParity CRO's reviews widget showcases aggregated review scores and summaries on your site, inspiring guest trust and encouraging direct bookings. Displaying Positive feedback builds credibility and helps potential guests make informed decisions, ultimately boosting your online reputation.

Reach customers anywhere, anytime

Utilise the pop-up management tool to display personalised messages that prevent guests from leaving your website. These messages can include special offers, perks, and motivational content. By engaging visitors and addressing their needs, you increase the chances of direct bookings and revenue growth.

Convert more visitors into bookings

RateParity CRO's cart abandonment feature automatically triggers notifications when guests are about to abandon the booking process. These notifications provide incentives and personalised messages, recovering potential lost bookings and increasing conversion rates.

Screenshot of reviews overview for a hotel

Personalisation and revenue optimisation

Create personalised offers for guest delight

Quotelier's feature-packed hotel booking software makes managing requests a breeze, so you can focus on boosting your profits and providing top-notch service. Effortlessly personalise your hotel's brand with rateparity's super widget. Rateparity's user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to customise the super widget's content to reflect your brand's philosophy. Tailor your widget to your target markets with translations.

Optimise pricing strategies for maximum revenue substantiated

RateParity CRO's vouchers and gift cards feature enables you to offer discounted room rates and additional services. This unique marketing tool increases brand awareness, generates cash flow, and reaches customers who may not have considered your hotel otherwise.

Optimize Revenue Through Direct MICE Bookings

Book a Space's on-demand MICE booking engine, empowers hoteliers to capitalize on the surging demand for versatile venues suitable for meetings, work, conferences and events. Its seamless, user-friendly, and secure solution leverages state-of-the-art technology, simplifies the booking process, and adeptly manages inquiries, orders, and payments.

Forecast demand and optimise inventory

Transform your website's landing page into a conversion machine with RratePparity's super widget. This widget seamlessly integrates conversion elements, such as price comparison, special offers, vouchers, and reviews. Customise the widget to reflect your brand and increase direct bookings and revenue.


Advanced analytics and reporting icon

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Gain insights into your progress, demonstrate your value, and uncover revenue opportunities with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools.

Price comparison with booking engine icon

Price comparison with booking engine

Assure guests of your best rate guarantee while enabling direct bookings through integrated price comparison and booking engine.

AI-Powered Chatbot icon

AI-Powered Chatbot

Enhance direct bookings and revenue with a 24/7 FAQ resource, in-chat booking, and tailored promotions.

Cart abandonment recovery icon

Cart abandonment recovery

Prevent dropouts with automated notifications and personalised emails, optimising booking recovery.

Targeted messaging platform icon

Targeted messaging platform

Elevate user experience with customised notifications, pop-ups, and smart notes, catering to different guest behaviours.

Reviews widget icon

Reviews widget

Build trust and encourage direct bookings by showcasing aggregated review scores on your website.

Vouchers and gift cards

Boost brand awareness and revenue with incentive-driven purchases, securing steady cash flow.

Super widget

Seamlessly integrates conversion elements like price comparison, special offers, and more to boost direct bookings.

MICE booking engine

Hoteliers can effortlessly sell their MICE spaces directly using Book a Space's cutting-edge MICE booking engine.


Integrate RateParity modules, such as special offers, Get a Quote, gift cards, reviews page, and the MICE booking engine, directly on your website as unique pages.

Quotelier proposal platform

Simplify offline request management, create compelling proposals, and streamline communication for effortless bookings.


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