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Data-driven insights to optimise revenue & profitability

What is
BeonX RMS?

Elevate your hotel with BeonX RMS, an AI-powered Revenue Management System seamlessly integrated with the world's popular PMSs and fully integrated with the renowned webhotelier/primalres ecosystem. Unleash the power of actionable analytics and dynamic pricing strategies to optimise revenue & total profitability. Experience effortless adjustments for seasonality and superior competitive rate comparisons. Navigate complex analytics with ease on a unified platform, enhanced by extensive online monitoring and unlimited business rule support. With BeonX RMS, streamlined innovation and maximised revenue potential ensure your hotel consistently outshines the competition

Key User Benefits

  • Trusted by global hotel chains: Enhance profitability by joining leading hotel brands like Catalonia, Barcelo, Iberostar, and RIU for sustainable revenue growth.
  • Optimised revenue streams: Harness AI-driven insights for unmatched value and precise hyper-segmentation in every revenue stream.
  • Automate and accelerate: Enhance efficiency with streamlined, automatic rate shopping for all stay lengths.
  • Maximise profitability: Unlock profit potential by leveraging the Hotel Quality Index (HQi) for strategic market navigation.
  • Data-driven decisions: Make strategic decisions with real-time data and robust AI-powered analytics by Juyo Analytics.
  • Seamless PMS integrations: Enjoy enhanced functionality with existing integrations with world's leading PMSs.
  • Ensure seamless rate and restriction distribution with established webhotelier/primalres integration.
  • BEONx's tour operator module: Simplifies revenue management with intuitive tools, enabling effortless room pricing optimisation across various outlets. You'll have a clear visual summary of contract conditions and sales status, ensuring confident and easy pricing decisions.

Why use BeonX RMS?

Screenshot of BeonX dashboard

Elevating profitability through AI-driven revenue management

The Hotel Quality Index (HQI)

A new dimension in revenue strategy is unveiled with BeonX's HQI – a revolutionary tool measuring hotel quality, competitive positioning, and price elasticity. This tool offers insights from customer perspectives, optimising pricing and amplifying revenue streams.

Dynamic pricing powered by AI

Experience the transformative power of dynamic pricing driven by AI. BeonX's platform takes the helm of revenue optimisation, ensuring each opportunity is maximised for your hotel's benefit.

Agile pricing through hyper-segmentation

Embrace flexibility in pricing with the innovative automated double segmentation. This allows for simultaneous targeting of various markets and channels, deploying diverse pricing models to ensure superior revenue outcomes.

Screenshot of BeonX market segmentation

Seamless profitability enhancement with unified data

Effortless navigation of real-time data and automation

BeonX stands out by integrating your data, turning vast datasets into actionable insights. This platform paves the way for effortless analytics navigation, driving impactful decisions.

All your data in one place

Say goodbye to juggling between multiple apps and spreadsheets. With BeonX, everything you need is on one platform, giving you a clear overview of your business.

Precision in demand and forecasting

Stay ahead with BeonX's adept demand and forecasting capabilities. Confidently navigate the market forces and model varied decisions across your hotel operations for informed strategic planning.

Screenshot of BeonX recommendations

Gaining Trust of Leading Hotel Brands Globally

Legacy of success with global hotel chains

Step into the league of renowned hotel brands such as Catalonia, Barcelo, Iberostar, and RIU. Witness how BeonX's AI-driven platform reshapes revenue strategies, augmenting profitability.

Insightful data-driven profit generation

Delve deep into profitability analytics spanning your entire business landscape with BeonX's intuitive solution. Seamlessly integrate with top PMS systems for an all-encompassing view.

Blending sustainability with profitability

Unearth the intrinsic link between a hotel's readiness for sustainability and the guests' willingness to pay. With BeonX, hoteliers are empowered to finetune strategies, drawing insights from guest perspectives.


recommendations logo


Receive automatic or semi-automatic recommendations based on price, length of stay, overbooking, and stop sale. Override anything.

bioscore logo

Sustainability Powered by Bioscore

Consider sustainability efforts to enhance your property's value proposition.

dynamic pricing logo

AI-Driven Dynamic Pricing

Utilise AI-driven dynamic pricing to optimise revenue capture.

hqi pricing logo

HQI-Based Pricing with Customer Profiles

Optimise pricing strategies with HQI-based pricing guided by customer profiles.

tour operator module logo

BEONx's Tour Operator Module

Gain unprecedented control over hotel inventory management, eliminating overbooking and underbooking challenges.

tour operator module logo

Real-Time PMS Updates and Competitor Data Integration

Stay updated with real-time PMS updates and seamlessly integrate competitor data.

Existing integrations with world's top PMSs.

Existing integration with webhotelier/primalres group ecosystem.

Single & Multi-Property Support

Supports single and multi-properties with unlimited clustering and cluster analysis for key performance indicators.

Unlimited Users and Role-Based Permissions

Enjoy unlimited user access and customise roles with permissions.

Customisable Dashboard

Personalise your dashboard with resizable tiles and access major KPIs, including RevPAR, ADR, Occupancy, Room Nights, Pickup, Competition, Demand, Sustainability.

Competitive Analysis

Benchmark your property against competition, including quality using the Hotel Quality Index.


Get granular, 365-day forecasts for room types and rate plans, with multiple views.

Groups Displacement Tool

Evaluate group business pricing and make informed decisions across segments.

Dynamic business rules engine

Create unlimited business rules based on a wide range of conditions and modifiers.


Consolidate data from online reputation sources and compare your hotel's value proposition to competitors.

Alerts Dashboard

Customisable alerts to proactively identify anomalies and configure alerts for competition, forecasting, configuration and more.

Virtual Segmentation

Define advanced segmentation options outside of the PMS segmentation structure.

Rate Overview

Customise per day rate views, apply advanced filtering options, and take action on prices, restrictions, or closures.

System Configuration

Configure system settings according to property needs, supporting various rate configuration methods, including supplement seasonality.

Advanced Reporting

Seamlessly toggle between single hotel and cluster views, enjoying dynamic, real-time data visualisation, customisable dashboards, deep insights, and cross-platform access, all powered by the precision of Juyo Analytics.

Flexible Pricing Strategies with Hyper-Segmentation

Achieve superior revenue outcomes with flexible pricing strategies and automated double segmentation.

Unified Data Platform for Holistic Insights

Gain holistic insights using a unified data platform that integrates vast datasets.


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