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Book a Space

All-In-One MICE booking solution

What is
Book a Space?

Book a Space is an All-In-One booking platform for spaces, meeting rooms, events & venues. Our technology enables hoteliers and property owners to manage direct online, offline and indirect bookings through one single platform.

Key User Benefits

  • Maximise revenue: Monetise your unused spaces by listing them on our powerful booking engine or integrating them onto your website, driving direct bookings and increasing profitability.
  • Empower your employees: Provide your team with the freedom to work from anywhere using our scalable, on-demand hybrid platform, fostering productivity, connectivity, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Explore varied spaces: Gain access to hundreds of premium spaces for coworking, conferences, events, and more, ensuring you find the perfect environment to accomplish your goals.

Why use Book a Space?

Screenshot of search results in book a space app

Monetise your unused spaces

Generate revenue from empty spaces

Cash in on the high demand for meeting rooms, workspaces, conferences, and events. List your unused spaces on our platform and unlock maximum flexibility and a wide variety of properties.

Seamless workspace booking engine

Our intuitive and secure workspace booking engine simplifies the reservation process. With cutting-edge technology, you can easily check availability, place orders, and make payments hassle-free.

Integrate and increase direct bookings

Take advantage of our booking engine integration onto your website to boost direct bookings. With a small piece of code, you can enhance your online presence and attract more customers.

Screenshot of personal proposals from book a space app

Empower your team with hybrid work

Work from anywhere, anytime

Enable your employees to work productively, meet, and connect from any location. Our on-demand hybrid platform offers flexibility, proximity, and cost-effectiveness, creating the perfect recipe for success.

Optimise real estate costs

Reduce real estate expenses and increase profits by accessing only the spaces you need, when you need them. Say goodbye to unnecessary overheads and embrace a more competitive approach.

Enhance collaboration and productivity

Provide your teams with the freedom to meet and collaborate wherever and whenever they choose. Set budgets for in-person meetings or pre-approved venues for hassle-free bookings, unleashing your team's potential.

Screenshot of list of workspaces in book a space app

Discover the best workspaces for your team

Global network of high-quality workspaces

Explore our extensive network of industry-leading flex space providers. We bring you the world's best workspaces, ensuring you have access to inspiring environments that drive productivity and success.

Find spaces to work, meet, and celebrate

Discover a diverse range of spaces suitable for work, meetings, and celebrations. Whether you need a private office, hot desk, or hotel venue,

Trusted, flexible, and simple

Benefit from our trusted services that check and approve each space. Enjoy the flexibility of renting spaces by the hour, ensuring you have the freedom to work on your teRMS. Booking a room is quick and easy, anytime and anywhere.


offline request proposal logo

Offline request proposal

Turning offline requests to eProposal, streamline and automate the sales process in one place.

realtime bookings logo

Real-time bookings

View all the bookings made for your properties in your personal account, including requested products and special services, ensuring you stay informed and organised.

dynamic pricing logo

Dynamic pricing module

Smartly adjusts rates for unsold rooms, ensuring increased sales regardless of the season.

simple property addition logo

Simple property addition

Add your property by filling in details about its size, potential uses, related services, and more. Receive registration confirmation after approval, maximising visibility and revenue potential.

transparent pricing logo

Transparent pricing

Set clear and transparent pricing models for each space, displaying hourly rates publicly, allowing customers to make informed booking decisions.

trust and verification logo

Trust and verification

Our stringent verification process ensures that all meeting rooms and properties listed on our site are valid, providing peace of mind to both hosts and users.


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