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Smart Guest

Create loyal member benefits and boost bookings

What is Smart Guest?

Smart Guest is a game-changing customer loyalty suite seamlessly integrated into the webhotelier platform. It prioritises efficiency and instant gratification through customised loyalty and membership clubs, offering multiple point-based membership levels, exclusive member rates, and special discounts.

Key User Benefits

  • Tiered membership: Multiple point-based membership levels
  • Loyalty perks: Exclusive member rates and special discounts
  • Intuitive Interface: User-friendly design
  • Effortless Access: Seamless sign-up and login

Why use Smart Guest?

Customised members experience

Beyond points collection

Smart Guest offers a unique approach focused on efficiency and instant gratification through customised members clubs.

Multi-property members clubs

Experience the power of multi-property members clubs, enabling hoteliers to offer loyalty benefits across their properties, enhancing the overall guest experience and loyalty.

Room-night and revenue-based points

With Smart Guest, collect points based on room nights or revenue, providing flexibility and personalised rewards to guests. Multiply points based on room types, rates, and real-time dynamic pricing rules from webhotelier.

Exclusive member rates and special discounts

Member-exclusive rates

Attract guests by offering exclusive member rates visible even before they log in, enticing them to become loyal members and complete their reservations effortlessly.

Special discounts for members

Provide special discounts on public rates based on membership levels, room types, rates, and more. These discounts are visible to visitors prior to login, encouraging direct bookings and fostering loyalty.

Seamless user experience

Smart Guest offers a user-friendly design with seamless sign-up and login processes. Enjoy options for social login via facebook and google, as Well as email login with a one-time 4-digit PIN for verification. It's quick, hassle-free, and eliminates the need to remember usernames or passwords.

Power and flexibility with Smart Guest

Dynamic pricing integration

Powered by webhotelier's real-time dynamic pricing, Smart Guest allows hoteliers to create enticing offers with a wide range of customisable conditions and modifiers, incorporating point levels to reward loyal customers.

Integration with existing loyalty systems

Smart Guest offers integration options for existing loyalty systems through additional API endpoints, enabling seamless syncing with third-party loyalty systems and effortless migration from legacy systems.

Remarkable results

Case studies have shown remarkable results with significant increases in conversion rates, with some properties experiencing an impressive rise of 66% after implementing Smart Guest and launching loyalty and membership clubs.


Multiple point-based membership levels

Offer customised loyalty benefits based on different membership tiers.

Exclusive member rates

Attract guests with member-exclusive rates visible even before login.

Special discounts for members

Provide targeted discounts on public rates based on membership levels, room types, rates, and more.

User-friendly design

Enjoy seamless sign-up and login processes with options for social login and one-time PIN verification.

Real-time dynamic pricing

Benefit from webhotelier's dynamic pricing integration to create enticing offers and rewards.

Integration with existing loyalty systems

Seamlessly sync Smart Guest with third- party loyalty systems through API endpoints.

Remarkable results

Experience significant increases in conversion rates and business performance with loyalty and membership clubs.


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