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Advanced multi property management software for efficient hotel operations.

What is hotel works?

hotel works is an advanced property management software system meticulously crafted to serve both independent hotels and expansive hotel chains. It encompasses a wide-ranging set of features, including seamless front and back-office operations, real-time revenue monitoring, and meticulous financial data management, all at a remarkably cost-effective price point.

Key User Benefits

  • Efficiency through Integration: hotel works integrates operations, inventory management, point of sales, and accounting into a single, unified application, simplifying hotel management regardless of size.
  • Real-time booking control: Seamlessly connect with online booking systems to prevent overbooking and ensure that availability information is always up-to-date.
  • Intuitive user experience: hotel works provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, promoting smooth day-to-day operations and enhancing overall productivity.
  • Chain-wide management: Streamline the management of multiple hotels through a centralised database, allowing for effortless oversight of bookings, availability, and financial aspects.
  • Adaptable pricing strategies: Customise rate plans with dynamic pricing options, catering to different time periods, hotel types, and rate categories.
  • A range of Premium & Value+ add-ons: Elevate your hotel works PMS experience with a selection of premium and value-added enhancements.

Why use hotel works?

Screenshot of the hotel works application dashboard for hotels management

Streamlined operations and centralised management

All-in-one application for every department

hotel works empowers you to maintain complete control of your hotel's operations through a single application. It integrates multiple points of sale, inventory management, and accounting into one shared database, simplifying tasks and promoting efficient management.

Seamless connection with online booking systems

Save time and eliminate errors by automatically importing online bookings from all sales channels and your website. hotel works ensures immediate availability updates, preventing overbooking and ensuring accurate reservation management.

User-friendly and intuitive environment

Experience ease of use and speed in day-to-day hotel procedures. hotel works is designed with a user-friendly environment that guides both experienced and less experienced users, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced productivity.

Screenshot of the reservations management dashboard

Enhanced control and efficiency

Centralised management of multiple hotels

hotel works is an ideal solution for hotel chains and management companies. It stores data across all hotels in a single unified database, enabling privileged users to monitor and manage bookings, availability, financial transactions, and charges for the entire chain.

Flexible and interactive reservation management

Simplify complex reservation tasks with interactive graphical room and room type plan reservation systems. hotel works allows easy entry, modification, and tracking of reservations, enabling tasks such as room changes, room splits, and more with a user-friendly interface.

Real-time updates and reception console

Ensure up-to-date information and seamless check-in/check-out procedures with the reception console. hotel works provides an online reception console for quick and easy operations, including room transfers and updates to the door book and customer history file.

Screenshot for creating and managing arrangement packages and financial supervision, both on desktop and mobile

Advanced rate planning and financial supervision

Flexible and dynamic price lists

hotel works offers extensive rate plan options to cater to the needs of any hotel, including unlimited time periods, different hotel types, and various rate types. Create and manage multiple arrangement packages, ensuring flexibility in pricing strategies.

Comprehensive financial supervision

Monitor all financial data and transactions across departments with ease. hotel works allows users to track deposits, invoices, cash registry status, debits from third parties, charges in advance, credits, and more, providing a comprehensive financial overview.

Customisable printouts and reports

Generate customised printouts and reports with hotel works' dynamic filtering options. The built-in report generator tool allows users to create and modify printouts, covering every aspect of the hotel, from reception to housekeeping.


integrated booking icon

Integrated Booking

Connect all departments through online booking.

user friendly icon


Easy-to-use, centralised hotel management for multiple properties, including reservations.

Reception Console icon

Reception Console

Efficient online reservation management and access to price lists.

interactive reservations icon

Interactive Reservations

Graphical room and room type reservation system with instant updates.

addon flexibility icon

Add-On Flexibility

Customise hotel works with Premium & Value+ add-ons to meet your specific needs.

Financial Supervision icon

Financial Supervision

Comprehensive financial oversight with report generation.

Add-ons & Apps

Value+ add-ons integrate webhotelier, primalres, and automates legal data.

Optimise property management with hotel works' Value+ Add-ons: Webhotelier Connect for booking engine integration, Primalres Connect for channel management, and MyData Connect for legal data automation.
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hotel works' Premium Add-ons enhance property management: F&B Works for integrated POS, accounting integrations, and third-party software/hardware for guest experiences.
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hotel works' Workspace Apps boost property management: Verity Guest for CRM and loyalty programs, and BeonX RMS for data-driven revenue/profitability insights.
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Discover how hotel works can accelerate your digital transformation and streamline your operations.

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