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Rentals Max

Maximise your distribution using parallel channels

What is Rentals Max?

Rentals Max, a premium webhotelier add-on, streamlines the villa reselling process by synchronising availability, rates, and restrictions across multiple booking engines.

Key User Benefits

  • Streamlined reselling: Eliminate the manual processes and errors of traditional methods. Save time while ensuring accuracy.
  • Enhanced revenue potential: By synchronising rates, availability, and restrictions, expand your reach and attract a broader customer base.
  • Time and effort savings: Automation across booking engines frees up your time for other essential business aspects.

Why use Rentals Max?

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Efficiently sync availability, rates, and restrictions

Simplified property-to-property synchronisation

Update rates, availability, and restrictions between two webhotelier booking engines effortlessly. Property A serves as the source, and property B as the destination, ensuring seamless updates.

Collaborate with resellers for expanded reach

List properties on reseller platforms, like the blue villas booking engine. webhotelier syncs rates, availability, and restrictions to simplify distribution.

Effortless cross-selling with mutual villa selling

Collaborate to sell each other's villas, expanding market reach. Both properties function as sources and destinations, with webhotelier ensuring synchronised rates, availability, and restrictions.

Customizable selling strategies

Net pricing for seamless reselling

The source engine offers a net price to the destination engine without mark-ups, ensuring villas are resold at consistent rates.

Net pricing with custom mark-ups

The source engine provides a net price, but the destination engine can apply custom mark-ups when listing villas.

Commission-based selling opportunities

The source engine sets a commission rate for the destination engine, enabling it to earn based on the agreed rates.

Maximise time and revenue

Efficient reselling for enhanced revenue

Streamline villa reselling and synchronise essential details to maximise revenue and reach.

Automated synchronisation saves time

By automating the synchronisation process, reduce manual efforts and ensure accurate data management.

Prioritise exceptional guest experiences

By cutting down manual tasks, focus on delivering top-notch guest experiences to boost satisfaction and loyalty.


Sync methods

Choose between one-way or two-way synchronisation based on your needs.

Property-to-property synchronisation

Update rates, availability, and restrictions effortlessly.

Property-to-reseller synchronisation

Partner with resellers to widen distribution. Mutual villa selling: collaborate to sell each other's villas and grow your market presence.

Customizable selling strategies

Adapt pricing and revenue generation to fit your strategy.

Automated synchronisation

Automate synchronisation for more efficient booking engine management.


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