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Rate Shopper

Monitor your competitors' rates systematically

What is Rate Shopper?

Rate Shopper is a powerful webhotelier premium add-on that empowers hoteliers to track and compare competitor rates from, Expedia, Agoda, and hotels' websites enabling the optimisation of pricing strategies and maximisation of revenue potential.

Key User Benefits

  • Maximise revenue: Make data-driven decisions to optimise your pricing strategy and maximise revenue potential.
  • Gain a competitive edge: Stay ahead of the competition by monitoring and analysing your competitors' rates.
  • Flexibility and control: Filter rates, track competitor pricing trends, and uncover opportunities for revenue growth.
  • Seamless integration: Enjoy a user-friendly interface and seamless integration within the webhotelier platform.

Why use Rate Shopper?

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Track and compare competitor rates

Comprehensive rate monitoring

Monitor and compare your hotel's rates with up to 10 defined competitors, gaining valuable insights to ensure your pricing remains competitive in the market.

Data-driven decision making

Access detailed competitor rate information, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimise your pricing strategy based on real-time market data.

Identify revenue opportunities

Analyse competitor rates and identify revenue opportunities by tracking pricing trends and adjusting your strategy accordingly.

Flexible filtering capabilities

Targeted revenue management

Filter rates by room type, rate plan, number of guests, and policies, allowing you to optimise your pricing strategy based on relevant data and attract the right customers at the right price.

Customisable rate analysis

Customise your rate analysis by applying specific filters to gain a deeper understanding of pricing dynamics and effectively target specific market segments.

Fine-tune pricing strategy

Fine-tune your pricing strategy by leveraging flexible filtering capabilities to align your rates with market demand and maximise revenue potential.

Daily pricing insights

Comprehensive pricing trends

Gain a comprehensive understanding of pricing trends with daily pricing insights, visualising pricing per day and uncovering patterns that can impact your revenue.

Historical performance analysis

Analyse historical data through the 30-day calendar view, empowering you to identify historical performance patterns and make data-driven decisions to maximise revenue.

Stay proactive with instant updates

Receive instant updates through colour-coded days, identifying potential underselling channels (red days) and highlighting your advantage over the competition (green days), allowing you to take proactive measures to optimise revenue.

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Valuable competitor analysis

Uncover pricing strategies

Gain a competitive edge by accessing valuable competitor analysis, uncovering pricing strategies, and understanding historical price changes of your competitors.

Actionable intelligence

Export competitor analysis data to excel for further manipulation and analysis, providing you with actionable intelligence to drive your revenue management strategy.

Real-time market insights

Stay informed with real-time pricing information from popular booking platforms, enabling you to adapt your pricing strategy and stay competitive in the dynamic online marketplace.


Competitor rate analysis

Comprehensive rate monitoring and comparison with up to 10 competitors.

Advanced filtering system

Flexible filtering capabilities for targeted revenue management.

Historical pricing intelligence

Daily pricing insights and historical performance analysis.

Instant revenue visualisation

Colour-coded days for instant revenue optimisation.

Market insight & competitor tracking

Valuable competitor analysis and real-time market insights.


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