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Payments Assistant Manager

Simplify & manage credit card payments for your direct

What is a payments assistant manager?

Payments assistant manager is an exclusive value+ add-on for webhotelier that simplifies and manages credit card payments for direct bookings. It offers a user-friendly solution for hotels to streamline the payment process, ensure transaction security, and provide peace of mind for both hoteliers and guests.

Key User Benefits

  • Effortless payment experience: Simplify and streamline the payment process for direct bookings.
  • Detailed payments report: Gain clear financial oversight and access customisable payments reports.
  • Robust security protocols: Ensure transaction security and protect sensitive guest information.

Why use payments assistant manager?

Payment process icon

Streamlined payment process

Effortless payment processing

Process online payments directly through webhotelier's extranet, eliminating the need for manual credit card insertion and reducing errors.

Time-saving automation

Charge and pre-authorisation buttons appear on every direct booking reservation, enabling fast and efficient action directly within webhotelier.

Enhanced accuracy and efficiency

By eliminating manual credit card insertion into the hotel's point-of-sale system, the payments assistant manager saves time, reduces errors, and ensures a seamless payment process.

Clear financial overview and payments report

Customisable reports for financial management

Generate customisable reports to keep your accounting department up to date with completed online transactions and pending financial matters related to direct bookings.

Visibility into pending payments

The payments report feature provides a clear view of pending payments, offering transparency and visibility into financial matters based on each transaction's payment policy.

Accurate financial reporting

Gain comprehensive insights into completed online transactions and pending financial issues specific to direct bookings, ensuring accurate financial reporting and effective management.

Transaction security

Secure payment environment

Payments assistant manager prioritises the safeguarding of sensitive transaction data, ensuring a secure payment environment for both hoteliers and guests.

Peace of mind for guests and hoteliers

With the payments assistant manager, both hoteliers and guests can trust that their payment information is handled securely and with the utmost care.

Protect sensitive information

By using payments assistant manager, hoteliers can guarantee the protection of sensitive guest information during the payment process, providing peace of mind for all parties involved.


Streamlined Payment Process

Simplifies direct bookings with intuitive interfaces

Effortless Payment Processing

Direct integration with webhotelier's extranet for seamless transactions

Time-Saving Automation

Direct action buttons on every booking for efficient charge and pre-authorization

Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency

Reduces manual interventions, minimising errors and delays

Clear Financial Overview

Comprehensive snapshots of all transactions for informed decision-making

Customizable Financial Reports

Tailored insights to align with your hotel's specific needs

Visibility into Pending Payments

Full transparency into upcoming transactions based on payment policies

Accurate Financial Reporting

Detailed insights into each booking, ensuring precise financial records

Trust and Safety for All

Prioritises the privacy of guest data, guaranteeing security and peace of mind


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