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Parity Checker

Monitor your rates' parity across key OTAs

What is Parity Checker?

Parity Checker is a powerful add-on designed for hoteliers to monitor rates, ensuring price parity and competitiveness in the online marketplace. It provides invaluable insights to optimise revenue management and maximise revenue potential.

Key User Benefits

  • Unified price consistency: Ensure same prices across different channels for every room type/board.
  • OTA vs. direct price monitoring: Monitor and compare direct prices across room types/boards with prices offered by online travel agents (OTAs).
  • Comprehensive sales analysis: Analyse how the property is represented and priced across various sales channels.
  • Dynamic pricing insights: Analyse pricing trends and gain actionable insights.

Why use Parity Checker?

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Price parity across channels

Consistency in pricing

Maintain price parity across various channels to establish a fair and competitive marketplace presence, ensuring consistency in your hotel's pricing strategy.

Avoid discrepancies

The parity check function enables an effortless comparison of your hotel's lowest available public prices, allowing you to identify and address any pricing discrepancies that may arise across channels.

Establish a competitive presence

With Parity Checker, you can ensure your hotel maintains a competitive presence by regularly monitoring and adjusting prices to match the market, attracting more bookings and maximising revenue potential.

Monitoring and comparing prices

Proactive rate management

The price check function allows you to monitor and compare your hotel's prices with those of online travel agents (OTAs), helping you stay informed about potential OTA undercutting and take proactive measures to protect your direct bookings and revenue.

Maximising revenue potential

By monitoring real-time prices on popular booking platforms like, Expedia, Agoda, and the property's official booking engine you can fine-tune your pricing strategy and maximise revenue potential by staying competitive in the market.

Protect direct bookings

Parity Checker helps you safeguard your direct bookings by alerting you to any significant differences in prices between your direct booking engine and OTAs, allowing you to take necessary actions to protect your revenue.

Comprehensive pricing analysis

Deeper insights into market dynamics

The 30-day calendar view provides a comprehensive analysis of pricing trends, allowing you to gain deeper insights into market dynamics and adjust your revenue management strategy accordingly.

Tailored analysis for your property

Customise your pricing analysis based on lengths of stay, number of guests, board types, and policies, tailoring the information to meet your property's unique needs and requirements.

Instant insights with colour-coded days

The colour-coded day's feature provides instant insights at a glance. Identify potential underselling channels with red days and celebrate your advantage over the competition with green days, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead in the market.


Parity check

Maintain price parity across channels and avoid discrepancies.

Price check

Monitor and compare prices with online travel agents (OTAs).

Comprehensive 30-day Calendar View

Analyse pricing trends and gain deeper insights into market dynamics.

Customisable analysis

Tailor the analysis based on lengths of stay, number of guests, board types, and policies.

Colour-coded days

Instantly identify potential underselling channels and competitive advantages.

Export data to excel

Export data for further analysis and manipulation.

Real-time pricing information

Stay up to date with the latest pricing information from popular booking platforms.

Seamless integration

The add-on is seamlessly integrated within the webhotelier platform for easy navigation and data interpretation.


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