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Payments Assistant Manager Premium

Simplify & manage credit card payments for all your online bookings

What is Payments Assistant Manager Premium?

Payments Assistant Manager Premium, developed to simplify and secure credit card payments for both direct bookings and reservations from OTA channels, such as, Expedia, and more. Say goodbye to manual credit card handling and enjoy a seamless and secure payment process for your hotel. Combine Payments Assistant Manager Premium with Roompay, and redefine payments for your property.

Key User Benefits

  • Streamlined payment process: Effortlessly process credit card charges for direct bookings and OTA channels with just one click.
  • GDPR/ PCI compliance: Ensure maximum transaction security and regulatory compliance with PCI and GDPR regulations, safeguarding your guests' sensitive data and enhancing their trust in your payment process.
  • Channel manager integration: Payments Assistant Manager Premium seamlessly integrates with the primalres channel manager, ensuring that charges align with your rate plans and payment policies across all OTA channels.
  • Clear financial overview: Payments Report, offers a secure, consolidated view of bookings, payment actions, transactions, and pre-authorizations, empowering you to know what and when to charge.
  • Enhanced billing procedure: Eliminate manual credit card insertion and simplify the payment process for your staff and guests.

Why use Payments Assistant Manager Premium?

Optimise payment process

Hassle-free credit card charges

Complete credit card charges and pre-authorizations with one click via webhotelier's extranet, eliminating the need for manual credit card insertion into your hotel's point-of-sale (POS) system. This seamless process applies to both direct bookings and reservations from OTA channels, ensuring an efficient payment experience for your guests.

Swift action on direct and channel bookings

Charge and pre-authorisation buttons appear on both direct bookings and reservations from sales channels, enabling your staff to take immediate action within webhotelier. Whether it's a direct booking or a reservation from an OTA channel, the credit card payment process is quick, efficient, and secure.

Simplified credit card handling

Bid farewell to manual credit card handling and the associated risks. With Payments Assistant Manager Premium, your staff can effortlessly process credit card transactions for both direct bookings and reservations from OTA channels via webhotelier's extranet, ensuring a simplified and secure payment process.

Channel manager integration

Seamless connection with OTA channels

Credit card details from bookings made across all your sales channels, including your website, will be accessible in Payment Assistant Manager Premium, all within the familiar webhotelier interface. This allows you to charge them in accordance with your payment policies for all your rate plans, ensuring a secure transaction environment.

Accurate charge reflection

Payments Assistant Manager Premium ensures accurate charge reflection by mapping payment and cancellation policies between the tool and the sales channels. This guarantees that charges are correctly applied based on the policies set by your hotel and the channels, providing a seamless payment experience for your guests.

Management of different payment scenarios

Handle various payment scenarios, including accepting partial payments, charging overnight taxes, and managing payments according to specific policies. Maintain control over the payment process and ensure a smooth guest experience.

Clear financial overview

Instant visibility into pending credit card transactions

Gain instant visibility into pending credit card transactions for both direct bookings and reservations from sales channels. Payments Assistant Manager Premium provides a clear overview of pending payments, enabling you to track and manage credit card transactions effectively.

Comprehensive reports for accounting

Generate comprehensive reports to update your accounting department on completed credit card transactions, whether they are from direct bookings or sales channels. These reports offer valuable insights into your hotel's financial status and facilitate accurate cash flow forecasting.

Efficient financial management

Streamline your financial management process with Payments Assistant Manager Premium's advanced features. Monitor and reconcile credit card transactions, identify any outstanding payments, and ensure a seamless flow of funds. Maximise efficiency and maintain control over your hotel's financial operations.

PCI-DSS & GDPR compliance

Secure and compliant transactions

Ensure the highest level of transaction security and maintain compliance with PCI-DSS and GDPR regulations. With Payments Assistant Manager Premium, all credit card transactions, whether for direct bookings or reservations from sales channels, are handled securely, protecting guest data and meeting data protection requirements.

Data privacy and protection

Safeguard guest data and protect their privacy with Payments Assistant Manager Premium's robust security measures. By eliminating manual credit card handling and implementing secure transaction processes, you can ensure compliance with data protection regulations and enhance guest trust.

Peace of mind for hoteliers

Experience peace of mind knowing that your hotel's credit card transactions are conducted in a secure and PCI-DSS/GDPR-compliant manner. Payments Assistant Manager Premium takes care of the complexities and risks associated with credit card handling, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional guest experiences.


Streamlined payment process

Complete credit card charges and pre- authorizations with one click.

Channel manager integration

Seamlessly connect with sales channels for consistent payment procedures.

Clear financial overview

Instant visibility into pending credit card transactions and customisable reports.

PCI-DSS/GDPR compliance

Ensure transaction security and compliance with data protection regulations.

Credit card pre-authorizations

Support for pre-authorizations and management of expired pre-approvals.

Refunds and manual payment registrations

Process refunds and manually register payments when needed.


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