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Multi property booking engine

Convenient one-stop booking for hotel chains.

What is the multi-property booking engine?

The multi-property booking engine is a value+ add-on for webhotelier that enhances your reservation management process. Seamlessly integrated and user-friendly, it enables you to showcase properties, display various rate plans, promote special offers, and provide a seamless reservation experience.

Key User Benefits

  • Centralised property hub: All your properties in one convenient engine for your customers.
  • Vivid property showcase: Effortlessly showcase properties with captivating images.
  • Diverse pricing options: Display various rate plans for each property.
  • Special deals highlight: Promote special offers and deals.
  • Unified booking system: Enable guests to make individual reservations within a single interface.

Why use the multi-property booking engine?

Effortless multi-property showcase

Diverse visual presentation for multiple properties

Effortlessly present each property with compelling images, emphasising their distinct amenities and attributes. Allow guests to seamlessly compare multiple properties, ensuring they make the best booking choices.

Transparent and competitive rates across all properties

Consistently present a range of rate plans for every property, spotlighting the most affordable options. Prioritise transparency and competitive pricing, all while showcasing the diverse offerings of each property.

Amplify special offers across multiple properties

Strategically use visual cues to amplify special deals and offers across various properties and rate plans. Entice guests and motivate them to book directly, taking advantage of the multi-property portfolio you offer.

Seamless multi-property reservation experience

Unified Interface for individual reservations across multiple properties

Allow guests to seamlessly reserve multiple properties of their choice through a singular, intuitive interface. Efficient shortcuts ensure smooth navigation, delivering a consolidated overview of rates and real-time availability across properties.

Enhanced user-friendly multi-property booking

Offer a superior booking experience tailored for multiple properties, amplifying guest contentment and boosting direct reservations. Ensure guests can effortlessly discover and reserve various properties without complications.

Comprehensive support for varied booking contexts

Our multi-property booking engine not only supports multi-currency and multi-language but also integrates functionalities such as vouchers, booking codes, travel agent portals, and corporate access. This ensures it addresses a wide spectrum of booking needs and contexts.

Optimised multi-property reservation management

Seamless webhotelier integration for multi-property management

Fully integrated with webhotelier, our multi-property booking engine refines your reservation management. Experience the ease of handling reservations for multiple properties within one unified platform.

Boost direct bookings across all properties

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, transparent rates, and enticing features tailored for multiple properties, our booking engine prioritises direct reservations, diminishing the need for third-party intermediaries.

Elevate guest experiences across every property

Provide a refined reservation journey across all properties. This streamlined process not only elevates the guest booking experience but also fosters greater satisfaction and solidifies guest loyalty.


Captivating property showcase

Highlight each property's unique offerings with captivating images.

Various rate plans

Display multiple rate plans for each property, emphasising the lowest available rates

Special offers promotion

Promote special offers and deals across different rate plans and properties.

Seamless reservation experience

Enable guests to make individual reservations within a single interface.

Intuitive interface

Provide a user-friendly experience with quick links and comprehensive availability view.

Multi-currency and multi-language support

Cater to guests from different regions and linguistic backgrounds.

Vouchers and booking codes

Support vouchers and booking codes for flexible booking options.

Travel agent and corporate login

Offer login options for travel agents and corporate clients.

Seamless integration with webhotelier

Optimise your reservation management process within a single platform.

Maximising direct bookings

Reduce reliance on third-party channels by maximising direct bookings.


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