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Intelligence Suite

Optimise bookings with powerful intelligence & analytics.

What is webhotelier Intelligence Suite?

Propel your direct bookings and optimise revenue with our premier analytics suite. Use demand analysis to align with market shifts, leverage performance reporting for revenue precision, and outpace competitors with rankings insights. Navigate comprehensive statistics, conduct rigorous health checks, and make data-backed decisions with our in-depth reports. Tailored for hoteliers dedicated to maximising bookings and revenue outcomes.

Key User Benefits

  • Actionable insights: Utilise invaluable insights and analytics from webhotelier intelligence to make well-informed decisions based on data.
  • Strategic revenue optimisation: Effortlessly track demand patterns, assess performance metrics, and comprehend market dynamics for effective revenue strategy optimisation.
  • Enhanced guest contentment: Drive improvements in guest satisfaction by making informed decisions rooted in comprehensive reports and analytical data.
  • Streamlined operations: Utilise diverse reporting types and features to streamline reservation management, performance analysis, and data integrity checks.

Why use webhotelier Intelligence Suite?

Demand analysis for strategic success

Monitor and interpret demand patterns

Gain the ability to interpret demand patterns, booking trends, and market dynamics, enabling effective revenue strategy optimisation.

Empower decision-making with data

Harness demand analysis reports to empower data-driven decisions and align your offerings with guest preferences and market needs.

Drive profits with informed strategies

Master the art of understanding market demand and adapting your revenue strategies to maximise profitability and business success.

Performance insights for business excellence

Evaluate essential performance metrics

Dive deep into essential performance metrics like occupancy rates, revenue, and room nights to evaluate your hotel's overall performance.

Uncover trends and patterns

Extract insights from performance reports to uncover trends, patterns, and areas for improvement, propelling your hotel toward growth.

Empower growth with informed choices

Leverage performance reports to make informed choices that pave the way for business expansion, success, and growth.

Rankings and bookings analysis for strategic advantage

Grasp your competitive position

Attain valuable insights into rankings, bookings, revenue, and conversion rates to grasp your competitive standing in the market.

Optimise marketing and revenue tactics

Uncover your strengths and pinpoint areas for enhancement using rankings reports, thereby optimising marketing and revenue strategies.

Elevate performance and drive revenue

Utilise the potential of rankings and bookings analysis to elevate performance, increase revenue streams, and allure more guests.

Comprehensive reports and insights for strategic excellence

Precise insights for informed choices

Access a comprehensive range of standard and advanced reports for profound insights that guide well-informed decision-making.

Monitor business success

Keep track of key metrics like bookings, revenue sources, cancellations, and more, ensuring you're well-equipped to monitor and enhance business performance.

Sharpen revenue management strategies

Unveil comprehensive statistics to comprehend guest behaviour, optimise pricing strategies, and boost revenue streams, setting your hotel on a path to excellence.


Demand analysis

Gain insights into demand patterns, booking trends, and market dynamics to fine-tune revenue strategies effectively. Utilise demand landscape analysis to inform choices and tailor your offerings in sync with guest preferences.

Performance reporting

Evaluate key performance indicators including occupancy rates, revenue, and room nights to gauge your hotel's performance. Unearth trends, patterns, and avenues for growth through performance reports that foster data-driven decisions.

Rankings and bookings analysis

Understand your competitive stance by dissecting rankings, bookings, revenue, conversion rates, and other pivotal metrics. Unleash the potential of rankings analysis to enhance marketing strategies, revenue generation, and guest attraction.

Standard and advanced reports

Access an extensive array of standardised and advanced reports that offer intricate insights into booking patterns, revenue sources, and agent performance. Leverage these insights to make informed decisions, optimise operations, and enhance revenue management strategies.

Health checks

Ensure data accuracy and integrity with health check reports that spot and resolve issues related to data completeness and accuracy. Ensure consistent and reliable data for accurate reporting and analytics, bolstering your hotel's data-driven decision-making.

Comprehensive statistics

Tap into an extensive spectrum of statistics reports encompassing various facets of hotel performance.

Analytics Dashboard

Monitor bookings, cancellations, conversions, revenue, average daily rate, room nights, and more. Utilise these statistics to decipher guest behaviour, trends, and revenue enhancement strategies.


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