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Hotel & Flight

Simplify booking for accommodation and flights.

What is Hotel & Flight?

The webhotelier Hotel & Flight module is a versatile solution that seamlessly integrates accommodation and flight bookings, catering to both single properties and multi-property providers. This value+ add-on allows guests to search for and book properties along with relevant flights while intelligently selecting the closest arrival airport based on the property selected. This integration offers a unique and convenient direct booking experience, where guests can effortlessly choose flights and accommodation as part of the same booking.

Key User Benefits

  • Seamless booking process: Experience a streamlined hotel & flight booking process with extensive travel options tailored to your guest preferences.
  • Real-time availability and pricing: Access real-time flights from popular airlines and check your accommodation pricing and availability, including value-added extras.
  • User-friendly interface: Enjoy a user-friendly interface for a fast and hassle-free booking experience.
  • Transparent cost breakdown: Provides a transparent cost breakdown of both flight and accommodation, including custom itineraries.
  • Secure and compliant transactions: Rest assured with secure and compliant transactions for peace of mind during your booking.

Why use Hotel & Flight?

Hotel and flight booking

Streamlined booking process

Effortlessly reserve accommodation and flights

Simplify your booking experience by conveniently reserving both accommodations and flights through the webhotelier Hotel & Flight module on the hotel's official website.

Access a wide array of airlines and destinations

Explore an extensive range of options with access to various airlines and destinations. Compare prices to select the best travel choices that align with your preferences.

Tailor your travel itinerary to personal preferences

Tailor your travel itinerary by selecting preferred airlines and classes, ensuring a personalised and comfortable journey from start to finish.

Real-time availability and user-friendly interface

Stay updated with real-time flight availability

Access up-to-date flight availability through our official partner, ask to travel, to make informed travel decisions based on the latest information.

Intuitive and user-friendly booking interface

Seamlessly navigate the booking process with the user-friendly interface of the webhotelier Hotel & Flight module. Effortlessly complete your booking with ease.

Expedite booking with automatic selection features

Save time during the booking process with automatic selection features for departure and arrival airports, date choices, and direct flight preferences.

Budget-friendly and customised travel itineraries

Cost-effective solution with transparent pricing

Opt for a cost-effective travel solution with the webhotelier Hotel & Flight module, featuring a detailed breakdown of flight and accommodation expenses for your peace of mind.

Craft personalised itineraries with part-stay flexibility

Personalise your travel plans using the part-stay capability, enabling accommodation bookings for specific parts of your journey, offering flexibility and convenience.

Secure and compliant booking experience

Rest assured knowing that the webhotelier Hotel & Flight module adheres to strict technical requirements, GDPR, and PCI compliance. Your personal information remains secure throughout the booking process.

Hotel and flight booking

Elevate revenue and hotel competitiveness

Boost revenue through combined bookings

Hotels can increase revenue by providing a combined accommodation and flight booking channel, offering guests a comprehensive travel booking experience.

Enhance guest satisfaction and reduce cancellations

Enhance guest satisfaction by delivering a seamless booking process, thereby reducing cancellations and no-shows. Strengthen overall guest loyalty and satisfaction.

Stand out with innovative booking module

Gain a competitive edge in the hospitality industry by adopting the webhotelier Hotel & Flight module. This innovative and distinctive module differentiates your hotel from the competition.


Quick and automatic selection

Enjoy quick and automatic selection for airports and dates, making the booking process a breeze.

Direct flight filter

Use the direct flight filter for faster results, helping you find the most convenient travel options.

Preferred airline and class selection

Select your preferred airline and class to tailor your journey to your liking.

Real-time flight availability

Access real-time flight availability through Ask to Travel, ensuring you have the latest information for informed decisions.

Part-stay capability

Customise your plans with the part-stay capability, allowing you to create personalised travel itineraries.

Default cheapest flight selector

Compare prices effortlessly with the default cheapest flight selector, ensuring you find the most cost-effective option.

Comprehensive accommodation details

Get comprehensive accommodation details to make informed choices about your stay.

Detailed financial breakdown

Shows a detailed financial breakdown of flight and accommodation booking for transparency and peace of mind.

Integration with major destination carriers

Benefit from integration with major destination carriers, offering a wide range of travel options.

User-Friendly interface with automated features

Experience a user-friendly interface with automated features that make your booking process smooth and efficient.


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