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Google Hotel Free Booking Links

Showcase your direct rates in google hotel ads organic results.

What is Google Hotel Free Booking Links?

Google Hotel Free Booking Links is a complimentary service that simplifies the booking process for hotels and travellers alike. Integrated with webhotelier, it enables hotels to provide direct booking links on google, streamlining the guest experience.

Key User Benefits

  • Enhanced online presence: Increased online visibility
  • Frictionless booking journey: Seamless direct booking experience
  • Maximised direct reservations: Maximised direct bookings
  • Stay ahead of rivals: Competitive edge

Why use Google Hotel Free Booking Links?

Google Hotel link icon

Increased online visibility

Stand out in organic price listings

With webhotelier's integration of Google Hotel Free Booking Links, your property gains enhanced visibility on Google hotel ads. Capture the attention of potential guests as your hotel appears in organic price listings.

Expand reach with Google hotel ads

By leveraging Google Hotel Free Booking Links through webhotelier, you expand your reach to a broader audience. Reach potential guests actively searching for accommodations and increase your chances of attracting bookings.

Attract more guests with prominent exposure

Maximise your property's exposure on Google search results. With Google Hotel Free Booking Links integrated into webhotelier, your hotel is showcased prominently, increasing your chances of attracting potential guests.

Maximised direct bookings

Boost profit margins with direct reservations

By utilising Google Hotel Free Booking Links integrated into webhotelier, you can maximise your direct bookings. Reduce reliance on third-party platforms, increase profit margins, and retain more revenue from each reservation.

Drive revenue growth with direct channels

Take control of your revenue growth by leveraging the power of direct channels. With webhotelier's integration, you can increase direct bookings, reduce commission fees, and optimise revenue generation for your hotel.

Enjoy increased flexibility and freedom

Embrace the freedom of managing your bookings directly. By utilising Google Hotel Free Booking Links through webhotelier, you gain flexibility and independence, allowing you to customise offers, rates, and packages tailored to your guests' needs.

Competitive edge

Stand out among OTAs on Google

Showcase your direct rates alongside online travel agencies (OTAs) on Google. With webhotelier's integration, your independent hotel can capture the attention of potential guests, differentiate from the competition, and increase booking conversions.

Establish a strong online presence

Build a strong online presence and establish your hotel's brand. By utilising Google Hotel Free Booking Links integrated with webhotelier, you can boost your visibility, attract more direct bookings, and strengthen your position in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

Leverage Google's extensive reach

Tap into Google's extensive reach and maximise your hotel's exposure. With webhotelier's integration, you gain access to a vast audience actively searching for accommodations, increasing your chances of attracting bookings and staying ahead of the competition.


Integration with Webhotelier

Seamlessly connect with Webhotelier for efficient bookings.

Google Hotel Ads Visibility

Improve online presence with direct booking links on Google.

Frictionless Search-to-Book

Smooth navigation for instant bookings.

Personalised Booking Experience

Tailor reservations for guests' unique needs.

Revenue Growth Optimisation

Maximise earnings through direct channels.

Direct Rate Showcase on Google

Display rates alongside OTAs for broader exposure.


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