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Google Hotel Ads

Showcase your direct rates in Google Hotel Ads & maps

What is Google Hotel Ads?

Google Hotel Ads is a metasearch service offered by Google. It displays the pricing of accommodations, comparing various sales channels like webhotelier,, Expedia, and more.

Key User Benefits

  • No-risk booking boost: Increases traffic to the booking engine.
  • Cost-effective online visibility: Boosts direct online bookings without any upfront risks.
  • Pay only for confirmed bookings: Charges only apply when a confirmed booking is made through the platform.
  • If no bookings are made via Google Hotel Ads, there's no cost to the property owner, making all the additional visibility on Google completely free.

Why use Google Hotel Ads?

Google Hotel Ads icon

Shine on Google's Hotel Ads

Catch attention with exclusive hotel listings

webhotelier's premium Google partner status ensures your hotel's listings stand out in Google Hotel Ads. Showcase your property with visually appealing listings to attract potential guests.

Access a global audience

Leverage webhotelier's partnership to reach travellers worldwide via Google Hotel Ads. Showcase your hotel to diverse audiences, capturing bookings from various international markets.

Display real-time rates and availability

Seamlessly integrate your real-time rates and availability with Google Hotel Ads. Provide accurate information to potential guests, emphasising competitive rates and room availability for direct bookings.

Fuel Direct Bookings

Seamless booking experience

Through our premium Google partnership, ensure an effortless booking journey for potential guests. Google Hotel Ads enable easy direct bookings, cultivating a guest relationship that drives satisfaction and loyalty.

Personalise with guest details

By driving direct bookings via Google Hotel Ads, access valuable guest data, including emails. Utilise this data to personalise guest experiences from booking onward, offering tailored services and targeted promotions.

Lower cost of sales

Benefit from webhotelier's Google partnership, leading to lower commissions compared to traditional OTAs. Driving direct bookings through Google Hotel Ads translates to cost-efficient sales and optimised revenue.

Effortless activation

Free Google Hotel Ads activation

Kickstart Google Hotel Ads for your hotel with the support of our premium Google partner status. webhotelier offers free activation, extending your reach and boosting direct bookings without upfront costs.

Seamless integration and expert support

As a premium Google partner, webhotelier guarantees seamless integration and expert assistance. Enjoy a smooth activation journey and maximise your ad performance using our industry know-how.

Begin driving bookings now

Seize the opportunity to drive direct bookings via Google Hotel Ads. Reach out to our sales team to embark on your journey with webhotelier, your trusted Google partner. Our experienced team will guide you, ensuring optimal ad setup for maximal performance. Start connecting with a global audience and driving direct bookings today with webhotelier's expertise in Google Hotel Ads.


Amplified visibility on Google's platform

Engage and captivate users with exclusive and attractive hotel listings exclusively on Google Hotel Ads platform.

Real-time rates and seamless booking

Showcase real-time rates and availability in your ads for a seamless and convenient booking experience for all guests.

Access to valuable guest details

Gain access to essential guest details for personalised service and enjoy reduced costs of sales with minimised commissions.

Free and effortless activation

Activate Google Hotel Ads for free, ensuring a cost-effective enhancement to your online visibility and booking rates.

Smooth integration with expert guidance

Benefit from smooth integration and receive expert guidance from our premium Google partner team, making the process seamless and efficient.


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