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Custom Domain

Customise your booking engine with a tailor-made domain

What is a Custom Domain name?

A Custom domain enables your booking engine to have a domain such as “” instead of the standard webhotelier one which is“”. This personalised domain integrates your booking engine seamlessly into your website, providing a consistent and memorable brand experience for your guests.

Key User Benefits

  • Strong branding and identity: Reinforce your brand's recognition through consistent branding across your online presence.
  • Improved search engine visibility: Boost your search engine rankings and enhance your online discoverability by incorporating relevant keywords into your Custom Domain.
  • Simplified user experience: Eliminate redirection and provide a smooth transition for your guests as they navigate from your website to the booking engine.
  • Customization and personalisation: Tailor your booking engine to match your hotel's offerings, showcasing your personality and style.
  • Professional online presence: Present your hotel with professionalism, further increasing guest confidence in making reservations.

Why use a Custom Domain name?

Custom domain for hotel branding icon

Strong branding and identity

Reinforce your brand identity

Strengthen your brand recognition by incorporating your hotel name or relevant keywords into the domain. This association creates a powerful brand image and boosts recognition among potential guests.


Commitment to quality resonates with guests, increasing their confidence in choosing your hotel.

Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate your booking engine into your website, providing guests with a unified and engaging experience. Deliver a frictionless journey from exploration to reservation.

Improved search engine visibility

Boost your search engine rankings

Enhance your website's visibility on search engines by integrating relevant keywords into your Custom Domain. This optimisation improves the chances of potential guests discovering your hotel during their online searches.

Flexibility and independence

Gain control over your online presence by utilising a Custom Domain. Enjoy the flexibility to make changes, updates, and customisations to your website and booking engine whenever needed.

Professional online presence

Present a professional image to potential guests through a Custom Domain that aligns seamlessly with your hotel's branding. This consistency elevates your online presence, attracting guests seeking a polished experience.

Simplified user experience

Navigate the booking process seamlessly

Provide guests with a seamless journey from website exploration to booking completion. With a Custom Domain, eliminate redirection and ensure a fluid transition between different stages of the reservation process.

Consistency in design and branding

Maintain a consistent design and branding throughout the entire booking process. By removing discrepancies between your website and booking engine, create a unified and memorable guest experience.

Convenient booking flow

Simplify the booking process for your guests by integrating your booking engine directly into your website. This direct access offers convenience and a user-friendly experience, enhancing the likelihood of successful reservations.

Hotel customization and personalization icon

Customization and personalisation

Tailor your booking engine to your needs

Customise your booking engine to align perfectly with your hotel's offerings. Enhance the user experience by tailoring features and functionalities to meet the specific needs of your guests.

Showcase your hotel's personality

Infuse your hotel's personality and style into your booking engine's design. By harmonising design elements with your website, create a cohesive and branded experience for every guest.

Create a memorable guest journey

Curate an unforgettable guest journey by providing a seamless experience from the moment guests land on your website to the completion of their booking.


Custom Domain integration

Seamlessly blend your booking engine into your website using a Custom Domain. Ensure a seamless user journey with a consistent design and flow.

Branding consistency

Strengthen your brand identity by incorporating relevant keywords into your domain. Boost brand recognition among potential guests for increased bookings.

Improved search engine visibility

Elevate your search engine rankings by customizing your domain name.

Simplified user experience

Provide a seamless transition for guests as they navigate between your website and booking engine.


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