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Tour Operator's Booking Retrieval TUI UK/ TUI DE

Automatically input your tour operator bookings to PMS

What is the tour operator booking retrieval PMS interface for TUI UK & TUI DE?s

Transition to an effortless reservation management process with the primalres channel manager premium add-on: the TUI UK & TUI DE Interfaces. While primarily focused on TUI UK and TUI DE, these interfaces may also support regions like TUI Nordic under TUI UK, and potentially TUI Poland, TUI Swisse, and ltur under TUI DE. By leveraging these interfaces, you can seamlessly integrate bookings directly into your PMS, automate reservation processes, and reduce manual tasks, enhancing your operational reach and efficiency.

Key User Benefits

  • Integration simplicity: Enables straightforward incorporation of TUI UK & TUI DE reservations into your PMS.
  • Dedicated support team: Our expert teams provide guidance throughout the integration process.
  • Transition toolkit: Tools and resources ensure a seamless shift to our booking retrieval system.
  • Primalres reliability: Built on the sturdy primalres platform, assuring stability and trustworthiness.
  • Operational tools: Advanced tools for automation and synchronisation bolster operational efficiency.
  • Guest-focused enhancements: System upgrades designed to prioritise and enhance guest experience.

Why use the TUI UK & TUI DE Booking Retrieval interface?

TUI UK & TUI DE reservations icon

Seamless booking integration

Direct PMS Integration

Incorporate TUI UK & TUI DE reservations directly into your PMS, guaranteeing an uncomplicated and precise booking management system.

Automated reservations

Minimise human error by automatically pulling new reservations, adjustments, and cancellations from TUI UK & TUI DE.

Optimal operational workflow

Meld TUI UK & TUI DE bookings smoothly into your operations, ensuring enhanced efficiency and fostering an enriched guest experience.

Adaptive reservation mapping

Configurable booking integration

Enjoy a heightened control over the integration of TUI UK & TUI DE bookings into your PMS with our versatile mapping system tailored to your establishment's needs.

Reservation flexibility

Define your reservation integration criteria based on specific prerequisites, ensuring bookings are harmoniously assimilated and managed to your liking.

Wide-ranging PMS Support

With the primalres channel manager premium add-on, benefit from a broad spectrum of PMS system compatibility, assuring uncomplicated integrations and adaptable booking insertion.

Unwavering support

Proficient guidance

Leverage the expertise of our dedicated support teams throughout your integration journey, benefitting from intricate insights and advice for a seamless PMS merger.

Trouble-free transition

Revel in a hassle-free integration, backed by our specialists who are poised to address and navigate any challenges or queries that emerge during the transition phase.

Trustworthy solutions

Depend on our support team for a foolproof solution ensuring uninterrupted booking acquisition, synchronisation, and management, liberating you to concentrate on perfecting the guest experience.


Simple integration

Easily incorporate TUI UK & TUI DE bookings directly into your PMS.

Automatic updates

No manual hassle - automatically sync new reservations, edits, and cancellations.

Advanced mapping

For supported PMSs, customise how TUI bookings are integrated.

Custom input criteria

Set specific rules for how bookings are inserted, suiting your property's unique requirements. Supported PMS's.

Wide PMS compatibility

Integrates smoothly with a broad range of property management systems.

Dedicated support

Always have expert guidance at hand, from setup to daily operations.

Guest experience focus

Designed to prioritise your guests, offering them a seamless booking journey.


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