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Tour Operator's Booking Retrieval JET2

Automatically input your tour operator bookings to PMS.

What is the Tour Operator's Booking Retrieval to PMS for JET2?

JET2 interface is a premium add-on specifically designed for properties using primalres channel manager. This powerful tool revolutionises the way hotels manage offline bookings from JET2, ensuring seamless synchronisation with their property management system (PMS).

Key User Benefits

  • Effortless synchronisation: Seamlessly integrate offline bookings from JET2 into your property management system (PMS).
  • Accurate availability & enhanced efficiency: Ensure consistent availability across all channels, optimise your reservation retrieval process, and boost overall operational efficiency.
  • Comprehensive support: Receive unparalleled assistance from our expert team during the entire set-up and integration phase.

Why use the Tour Operator's Booking Retrieval to PMS for JET2?

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Seamless synchronisation

Real-time booking updates

JET2 interface enables seamless synchronisation of new reservations, modifications, and cancellations from JET2 to your PMS in real-time, ensuring accurate and up-to-date booking information.

Eliminate manual updates

Say goodbye to manual data entry and updates. JET2 interface automates the process, reducing the risk of errors and saving your staff valuable time and effort.

Always current availability

Keep your availability consistent across all channels. JET2 interface ensures that your PMS reflects the most accurate and current booking information, eliminating discrepancies and overbookings.

Non-impact on online availability

Retrieve offline bookings hassle-free

JET2 interface's dedicated offline contracts allow you to retrieve bookings without affecting your availability on other online channels, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Uninterrupted channel performance

With JET2 offline contracts, your online availability remains unaffected, enabling you to continue receiving bookings from other channels while seamlessly retrieving offline bookings from JET2.

Optimise revenue potential

By retrieving offline bookings separately, you maximise your revenue potential by maintaining availability on other online channels, attracting more guests, and minimising the risk of overbooking.

Hassle-free setup process

Streamlined connection setup

Setting up the JET2 offline booking retrieval interface is a straightforward process. Simply contact JET2 and request a connection with primalres, and their setup team will guide you through the seamless integration.

Collaborative mapping process

Our setup team conducts an audit and collaborates with your property's PMS provider to create mappings between JET2 and your room types and rate codes, ensuring accurate reservation insertion into your PMS.

Active connection, immediate results

Once the setup is complete, your connection becomes active, and JET2 reservations start synchronising to your PMS against the standard rate code mapping. Experience immediate results and enjoy efficient booking management.


Real-time synchronisation

Seamlessly synchronise new reservations, modifications, and cancellations from JET2 to your PMS in real-time.

Non-impact on online availability

Retrieve offline bookings without affecting availability on other online channels.

Hassle-free setup

Streamlined connection setup and collaborative mapping process for a hassle-free integration.

Dynamic mapping technology

Customise reservation insertion rules for enhanced control and flexibility.

Comprehensive support

Benefit from comprehensive support from the primalres team throughout the setup and integration process.


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