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RMS Connectivity

Connect your channel manager and booking engine to a revenue management system.

What is RMS connectivity?

The primalres premium add-on offers seamless connectivity between your channel manager and leading third-party Revenue Management Systems (RMS). Using primalres, you can unlock real-time insights, optimise revenue strategies, stay ahead of the competition, streamline operations, and achieve exceptional revenue growth.

Key User Benefits

  • Efficient management: Users can manage various pricing and restriction requests with ease.
  • Uninterrupted deliveries: Users can rely on uninterrupted delivery of pricing and restrictions to various channels.
  • Enhanced revenue tools: Users can leverage enhanced tools and techniques for revenue management.
  • Assured support: Users are ensured that distribution strategies are flawlessly executed, with assistance available when needed.
  • Optimised strategies: Users gain real-time insights and can optimise revenue strategies more effectively due to seamless integration.
  • Informed decision-making: Users can make informed decisions promptly, ensuring they react swiftly to changing market conditions.
  • Consistent data management: Users avoid manual updates, ensuring consistent and error-free data across systems.

Why use RMS connectivity?

Real-time distribution of RMS revenue strategies and distribution requirements

Effortless integration

Seamlessly connect your channel manager and booking engine to third-party RMS systems, ensuring effortless data exchange.

Data-driven decisions

Make informed decisions by accessing real-time insights into RMS revenue strategies and distribution requirements, enabling you to stay ahead of market trends.

Competitive edge

Position your room rates competitively by distributing real-time RMS data and implementing pricing strategies accordingly.

Optimised revenue strategies and inventory management

Proactive management

Anticipate market demands and potential risks through real-time RMS insights, allowing you to distribute revenue strategies and optimise your revenue potential.

Automated efficiency

Eliminate the need for manual data entry by automating data synchronisation between your channel manager and popular third-party RMS systems.

Streamlined operations

Maintain accurate and reliable data for efficient decision-making, reducing the risk of manual errors, and enabling timely adjustments to room rates, inventory allocation, and distribution strategies.

Staying ahead of the competition and identifying market opportunities

Competitive rate positioning

Analyse competitor rates in real-time and position your room rates accordingly, ensuring that you attract more guests and maximise revenue.

Market opportunity identification

Identify market opportunities through real-time insights and capitalise on them by adjusting your pricing and distribution strategies in real-time.

Mitigate revenue risks

Use real-time data from RMS systems to anticipate potential risks, enabling you to adjust revenue strategies proactively and maintain consistent revenue growth.


Robust channel manager

primalres' capability to handle a multitude of pricing/restriction requests.

Swift performance

Efficient performance when interfacing with an RMS through primalres.


primalres' consistent performance and reliability.

Superior capabilities

Advanced functionalities of primalres in managing revenue strategies.

Dedicated support

Ongoing support and monitoring provided by primalres.

Seamless integration

primalres' integration capabilities with third-party Revenue Management Systems (RMS).

Real-time insights integration

Capability to integrate live data and analytics from third-party RMS.

Automated data synchronisation

Automatic syncing of data across various platforms.

Proactive revenue management

Dynamic pricing and distribution tools that adapt based on live market data.


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