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PMS Connect 2-way

Synchronise real time availability to your channel manager and automatically input your online bookings to PMS

What is the PMS Connect 2-way interface?

The primalres 2-way PMS Interface establishes a connection between the channel manager and the PMS. It effortlessly delivers instant updates for bookings, payments, and syncs rates, availability, and restrictions to online distribution channels. This ensures efficient, accurate, and real-time synchronisation of reservations, pricing, and availability at all times.

Key User Benefits

  • Always accurate room availability: Ensure guests always see the most current room options and avoid double bookings.
  • Effortless booking management: Enjoy peace of mind as reservations, cancellations, and modifications are seamlessly managed without manual intervention.
  • Streamlined financial transactions: Experience hassle-free financial processes with direct, policy-compliant payment handling.
  • Reliable and consistent information: Trust in a system that guarantees consistent and error-free data across all platforms.
  • Flexible system compatibility: Integrate seamlessly, regardless of the property management system you use, ensuring smooth operations.

Why use the PMS Connect 2-way interface?

PMS Connect Two-Way icon

Unparalleled data synchronisation

Always on

Our Bidirectional data sync ensures up-to-the-second updates across both the primalres channel manager and PMS.

Efficiency in real-time

Instant inventory, and pricing updates wherever your property is listed.

Consistency is key

Trust in the consistent, error-free flow of information across all channels.

Optimised booking and financial processes

Accurate availability

Make double bookings a thing of the past. Show your guests the most current room options at all times.

Smooth transactions

Streamline your financial processes. Reservations, payments, and even cancellations flow smoothly without any hiccups.

Integrated approach

Whether it's bookings, modifications, or any other reservation aspect, everything is automatically managed, cutting out the need for manual intervention.

Adaptive and Future-ready

Universal integration

No matter the PMS you use, our system is built to integrate effortlessly, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Detailed monitoring

Stay in the know with detailed update monitoring, from room type to rate, and everything in between.

Grow with confidence

As your property evolves, so does our solution. It's designed to adapt, making it perfect for properties, regardless of their size or type.


Bidirectional data sync

Enables a two-way exchange of data for consistent updates across the primalres channel manager and PMS.

Real-time updates

Provides immediate availability, inventory, and pricing changes across all connected platforms.

Reduced risk of overbooking

Significantly reduce the risk of overbookings and data discrepancies.

Universal PMS compatibility

Designed to integrate seamlessly with a vast range of property management systems.

Update sync monitoring

Detailed update monitoring by channel, room type, board user, rate, length of stay, closures, availability.

Dynamic PMS mappings

Sync reservations the way you want for supported PMS's.

Scalable solution

Grows with your property's requirements, making it suitable for properties of all types and sizes.


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