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PMS Connect 1-way

Automatically input your online bookings to PMS

What is the PMS Connect 1-way interface?

The PMS Connect 1-way interface is a premium add-on for the primalres channel manager designed to automatically send reservations, modifications, and cancellations directly to a property's management system. This interface provides properties with an efficient, error-minimised, and streamlined booking process.

Key User Benefits

  • Reservation automation: Automated inputs for reservations, modifications, and cancellations.
  • Overbooking prevention: Reduced risk of overbookings ensures consistent guest experience.
  • Operational streamlining: Time-saving efficiencies for an enhanced property management process.
  • Real-time accuracy: Immediate updates to reflect last-minute bookings and cancellations.
  • Error reduction: Minimised manual entries reduce the potential for mistakes.
  • Centralised management: Efficiently manage all bookings and reservations in one central interface.

Why use PMS Connect 1-way interface?

PMS Connect One-Way icon

Seamless integration

Real-time updates

PMS Connect 1-way provides real-time updates ensuring that last-minute bookings or cancellations are immediately reflected in your Property Management System.

Broad compatibility

Designed to be compatible with a variety of property management systems, ensuring a hassle-free integration for most properties.

Enhanced data security

Employing advanced encryption methods and adhering to industry-standard security protocols, primalres ensures that guest data remains confidential and secure.

Reduced manual work

Automated reservation inputs

Directly send reservations, modifications, and cancellations from the channel manager to your PMS, minimising manual data entries.

Error minimisation

With automated inputs, reduce the risks associated with manual entry mistakes and miscommunications.

Efficient management

The primalres interface allows centralised management of bookings and reservations, further simplifying the task for property managers.

Versatile utility

For all property types

Whether you run a hotel, resort, b&b, or manage multiple vacation rentals, the 1-way interface adapts to your needs.

Streamlined booking process

Receive reservations from single or multiple distribution channels efficiently.


As a premium add-on to the primalres channel manager, this interface can grow with your property's needs and distribution channels.


Instant updates

Real-time updates of reservations, modifications, and cancellations.

Wide compatibility

Works with various property management systems.

Secure data

Uses advanced encryption for data protection.

Automated entry

Reduced manual entries.

Central management

Handle all bookings in one place.


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