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GDS Gateway (powered by Amadeus)

Distribute your hotel to all major GDS's with a touch of a button

What is GDS Gateway (powered by Amadeus)?

Via the primalres channel manager, Amadeus LinkHotel, a top multi-GDS service, links independent lodgings like hotels, B&Bs, resorts, and small-medium chains to a vast global corporate booker network and TMCs. The pristine connectivity, tailored services, and state-of-the-art tech ensure that hotels enjoy operational efficiency and increased revenue.

Key User Benefits

  • Global reach and revenue growth: Tap into an extensive global corporate booker and TMCs network, powered by Amadeus through primalres.
  • Personalised service and expertise: Get unmatched expertise and customised services via primalres' Amadeus integration.
  • Dynamic content synchronisation: Benefit from immediate and uniform content updates on all GDS platforms through primalres.
  • Enhanced efficiency and operational excellence: Streamline your hotel operations, payment processes, and benefit from robust technology infrastructure, all made possible via primalres and Amadeus.
  • Customised solutions for affordability: Optimise your GDS strategy for affordability and clarity in costs through primalres' partnership with Amadeus.

Why use the GDS Gateway (powered by Amadeus)?

Global reach and revenue growth

Worldwide corporate bookers and TMCs

Gain access to a vast network of corporate bookers and travel management companies (TMCs) worldwide, expanding your reach and increasing revenue potential.

Personalised service and expertise

Benefit from personalised service and dedicated account management from a multilingual team of international experts. Leverage their market knowledge and expertise to drive growth and profitability.

Dynamic content synchronisation

Enjoy instant updates and dynamic content synchronisation across all major GDS platforms, ensuring fast, stable, and reliable connectivity to attract more bookings.

Enhanced efficiency and operational excellence

Streamlined implementation process

Experience a streamlined implementation process with four easy steps, including policy establishment and efficient management of rooms, rates, and inventory.

Simplified payment process

Simplify the payment process by receiving all fees in a single invoice, with centralised commission handling and timely payments to travel agencies.

Secure and reliable connectivity

Trust in the security and reliability of the platform's advanced travel technology servers, with multiple firewalls, separate fibre channels, and server redundancy to prevent any single point of failure.

Customised solutions for affordability

Flexible pricing proposals

Tailor the GDS distribution to your needs with flexible pricing proposals, ensuring affordability while maximising revenue potential.

Multi-GDS or Amadeus-only Solutions

Choose between multi-GDS or Amadeus-only solutions, allowing you to align the GDS distribution strategy with your specific requirements.

Fee structure transparency

Benefit from a transparent fee structure that includes implementation and maintenance fees, booking fees, GDS pass-through fees, and travel agent commission payments.


Access to corporate network

Through primalres, tap into Amadeus's vast corporate booker and TMCs network.

Personalised service

Enjoy unique account management from international specialists, provided through primalres and Amadeus.

Dynamic content synchronisation

Real-time content synchronisation across GDS platforms, made accessible through primalres' Amadeus integration.

Efficient implementation process

Seamless four-step deployment process via primalres and Amadeus.

Simplified payment process

Consolidated invoice for all fees, managed centrally, available via primalres' Amadeus connection.

Secure connectivity

Trust in the fortified and secure connection provided by primalres and Amadeus.

Customisable pricing

Flexible pricing options tailored to your needs, offered through primalres' partnership with Amadeus.

GDS distribution choices

Opt for multi-GDS or solely Amadeus solutions, all facilitated through primalres.


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