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Rentals Max

Maximise your distribution using parallel channels

What is Rentals Max?

Rentals Max is an advanced internal channel manager feature, now available as a premium add-on within loggia PMS. It's built to streamline property reselling and synchronisation.

Key User Benefits

  • Streamline villa reselling: Effortlessly resell villas between properties or through resellers, saving time and reducing manual effort.
  • Expand revenue potential: Synchronise availability, rates, and restrictions to attract a broader clientele and maximise revenue from your villa collection.
  • Save time with automation: Automated synchronisation of villa inventory coordination frees up your time to focus on other essential aspects of your business.
  • Customise selling strategies: Tailor your selling approach with flexible strategies, including NET pricing, mark-ups, or commission-based collaborations.
  • Effortless reseller connectivity: Seamlessly integrate with resellers to broaden your distribution network and increase villa bookings.
  • Impeccable data management: Ensure precise synchronisation of availability, rates, and restrictions, reducing discrepancies and improving operational efficiency.

Why use Rentals Max?

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Streamline villa reselling

Simplify villa reselling operations

With Rentals Max, say goodbye to tedious manual processes and potential mistakes. Efficiently resell villas between properties or through resellers, conserving both time and effort.

Enhanced data synchronisation

Rentals Max promises impeccable synchronisation of availability, rates, and restrictions between source and destination engines. Move past outdated iCal calendar methods and embrace dependable data handling.

Time savings through automation

Harness the automated synchronisation prowess of Rentals Max and direct your energies towards other crucial business facets, letting the system handle villa inventory coordination.

Expanded revenue potential

Skyrocket your revenue potential

Seamlessly synchronise availability, rates, and restrictions using Rentals Max. Attract a broader clientele and tap into the untapped potential of your villa collection.

Customisable selling strategies

Rentals Max adapts to diverse selling strategies, promising flexibility and customisation. Decide between NET pricing, mark-ups atop NET prices, or commission-based collaborations for mutual revenue amplification.

Uninterrupted connectivity with resellers

Integrate flawlessly with resellers, fortifying your Distribution approaches with Rentals Max. Broaden your connections and captivate a more extensive clientele, leading to amplified villa bookings and revenue upswing.

Time savings and efficiency

Save time and minimise effort

Rentals Max conserves both time and effort by eradicating manual operations and potential pitfalls. Relish streamlined reselling procedures, letting you concentrate on curating unparalleled guest experiences.

Flawless data administration

Assure impeccable data management with Rentals Max. Achieve spotless synchronisation of availability, rates, and restrictions, minimising discrepancies and elevating operational efficiency.

Fine-tune revenue strategies

Uncover the full revenue potential of your villa inventory. With Rentals Max by your side, simplify reselling operations and diversify your revenue sources.


Adaptive synchronisation techniques

Utilise adaptive techniques to synchronise villa availability, rates, and restrictions efficiently.

Precise data synchronisation

Achieve accurate data synchronisation between source and destination engines, ensuring reliable data management.

Flexible selling strategies

Choose from a range of selling strategies to suit your business, including NET pricing, mark-ups, and commission-based options.

Effortless reseller connectivity

Seamlessly connect with resellers to expand your distribution network and reach a wider audience.


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