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Centralised Rental Management

Easily manage multiple properties from one extranet

What is loggia Centralised Rental Management?

loggia Centralised Rental Management, a value+ add-on offered by loggia, is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and streamline the complexities of the rentals management business. It consolidates multiple owners, channel contracts, and property types into a single platform, providing real-time information and enhanced collaboration.

Key User Benefits

  • Centralised owner management: Efficiently manage property owners with real-time updates.
  • Streamlined channel contract management: Simplify agreements with online travel agencies and monitor performance.
  • Comprehensive property type support: Manage diverse property types with ease and customisation.
  • Simplified financials and reporting: Access real-time financial data and customisable reports.
  • Real-time updates and communication: Foster transparency and coordination among stakeholders.

Why use loggia Centralised Rental Management?

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Centralized owner management

Efficient management of multiple property owners

loggia Centralised Rental Management allows property managers to efficiently manage multiple property owners within a single platform. Easily track and communicate with each owner, maintaining a clear overview of properties and financial arrangements.

Improved owner collaboration

With loggia Centralised Rental Management, property managers can collaborate effectively with property owners. Real-time updates and communication tools foster transparency and enable smooth coordination for successful rental management.

Clear financial visibility for owners

Property owners gain clear visibility into their financial matters through loggia Centralised Rental Management. They can access real-time information on revenue, expenses, and financial arrangements, ensuring transparency and trust.

Streamlined channel contract management

Seamless handling of multiple channel contracts

loggia Centralised Rental Management streamlines the management of multiple channel contracts. Property managers can efficiently handle agreements with various online travel agencies (OTAs) and other booking channels, ensuring accurate synchronisation of rates, availability, and restrictions.

Simplified rate and inventory management

With loggia Centralised Rental Management, property managers can easily manage rates and inventory across multiple channels. Changes and updates can be made in one central platform, ensuring consistency and minimising the risk of errors.

Enhanced channel performance monitoring

The integration with loggia centralised rental Management provides comprehensive insights into channel performance. Property managers can track key metrics, such as bookings, revenue, and channel-specific analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Comprehensive property type support

Efficient management of diverse property types

loggia Centralised Rental Management accommodates diverse property types, including vacation rentals, apartments, villas, and more. Property managers can categorise and manage different property types efficiently, ensuring precise reporting and streamlined operations.

Streamlined property classification and reporting

The system allows property managers to classify and report on different property types within loggia Centralised Rental Management. This simplifies financial management, performance tracking, and strategic decision-making.

Customised property type configuration

loggia Centralised Rental Management offers customisation options for property type configuration. Property managers can adapt the system to suit their specific property types, ensuring accurate reporting and efficient management.

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Simplified financials and reporting

Real-time financial tracking and reporting

loggia Centralised Rental Management provides a clear and transparent view of the financial aspects of rental management. Property managers can track revenue, commissions, expenses, and other financial metrics in real-time. Detailed reports offer insights into profitability, occupancy rates, and other key performance indicators, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Accurate revenue and expense management

With loggia Centralised Rental Management, property managers can accurately manage revenue and expenses. The system automates financial calculations and provides detailed breakdowns, ensuring precise accounting and improved financial accuracy.

Customizable financial reports

loggia Centralised Rental Management allows property managers to generate customizable financial reports. Tailor reports to specific requirements, including revenue analysis, expense tracking, and profit calculations, facilitating comprehensive financial management.


Centralised owner management

Efficiently handle multiple property owners in one platform.

Streamlined channel contract management

Manage agreements and rates across channels.

Comprehensive property type support

Accommodate various property types and customise configurations.

Simplified financials and reporting

Real-time tracking and customisable financial reports.

Real-time updates and communication

Tools for real-time communication and coordination.


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