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Push Booking Data 2 AADE

Automatically push all legally required data to AADE

What is loggia's AADE Integration?

loggia's AADE Integration seamlessly integrates with AADE to automate the push of booking data for short-term rentals. Simplify compliance with legal requirements, eliminate manual data uploads, and ensure accurate reporting.

Key User Benefits

  • Seamless AADE integration: Automate data reporting to AADE for legal compliance.
  • Elimination of manual data entry: Say goodbye to time-consuming manual data uploads.
  • Timely and accurate reporting: Ensure compliance with reporting deadlines and reduce the risk of penalties.
  • Risk reduction: Minimise penalties and non-compliance issues for peace of mind.
  • Time savings: Focus on core rental management tasks with automated data reporting.

Why use loggia's AADE Integration?

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Automated compliance

Simplify compliance with seamless integration

loggia's AADE Integration automates the push of booking data for short-term rentals, ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Seamlessly integrate with AADE and eliminate the need for manual data uploads.

Compliance made easy

loggia's AADE Integration automates the process of sending booking data, ensuring timely and accurate reporting. Meet reporting deadlines effectively and reduce the risk of penalties or non-compliance issues.

Peace of mind for property owners or managers

By automating the data push to AADE, loggia's integration provides property owners or managers with peace of mind. Eliminate the stress of manual data entry, reduce errors, and ensure compliance with legal regulations.

Time-saving efficiency

Eliminate manual data uploads

loggia's AADE Integration eliminates the need for manual data uploads. Say goodbye to time-consuming data entry and focus on other critical aspects of rental management.

Streamlined reporting process

loggia automates the process of pushing booking data to AADE, streamlining the reporting process. Save time and effort by relying on a seamless and efficient data reporting system.

Focus on guest experiences and growth

By automating compliance with AADE, loggia's integration allows property owners or managers to focus on providing exceptional guest experiences and growing their rental business. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on what matters most.

Accurate and reliable reporting

Minimize errors with automated data push

loggia's AADE Integration reduces the risk of manual errors that can occur during data entry. Automate the push of booking data to AADE, ensuring accurate and reliable reporting.

Meeting reporting requirements

With loggia's AADE Integration, compliance with legal regulations becomes easier than ever. Automate the data push process and meet reporting requirements seamlessly.

Reliable reporting to AADE

Rely on loggia's AADE Integration to provide accurate and reliable reporting to the independent authority of public revenue. Ensure compliance with legal regulations and avoid potential penalties or non-compliance issues.


Intuitive user interface

loggia provides an intuitive user interface for easy navigation and data submission.

Effortless data uploader

Easily upload booking data with loggia's user-friendly data uploader.

Submission tracking

Track the status of your data submissions in real-time through loggi's submission tracking feature.

Automated compliance

loggia automates compliance with AADE regulations, simplifying the reporting process.


Save time with loggia's streamlined data submission process, allowing you to focus on core rental management tasks.


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