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Owners Extranet

Keep property owners informed & involved with their dedicated extranet

What is the Owners Extranet?

loggia Owners Extranet is an exclusive value+ add-on that provides property owners with secure access to property-specific information. It facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between property owners and management companies, enhancing the owner experience.

Key User Benefits

  • Streamlined communication: Simplify interactions between owners and management companies.
  • Empowered decision making: Access to real-time property information for informed choices.
  • Branding consistency: Maintain a unified brand image with white-label customisation.
  • Efficient reservation oversight: Swiftly oversee bookings to optimise occupancy.
  • Contractual clarity: Avoid misunderstandings with easy access to contract details.
  • Enhanced security and privacy: Protect sensitive data with exclusive access.

Why use the Owners Extranet?

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Enhanced owner experience

Personalised access to property information

loggia Owners Extranet provides property owners with secure and personalised access to property-specific information, ensuring they have the details they need for effective property management and decision-making.

Strengthened brand identity

With loggia Owners Extranet's white-label support, property management companies can customise the platform to reflect their branding, reinforcing their identity and professionalism in the eyes of property owners.

Seamless communication and collaboration

loggia Owners Extranet serves as a centralised platform for communication between property owners and management companies, promoting effective collaboration, information sharing, and transparency.

Convenient reservation management

Dedicated reservations list

loggia Owners Extranet provides property owners with a reservations list specific to their property, allowing them to view and track bookings made for their property, ensuring convenient and efficient reservation management.

Real-time availability insights

Property owners can access real-time availability information for their property through loggia Owners Extranet. This feature allows them to stay informed about their property’s occupancy and identify potential booking opportunities.

Transparent contract management

loggia Owners Extranet allows property owners to conveniently access and review their contract details within the platform. This promotes transparency and clarity between property owners and management companies, ensuring a shared understanding of rental rates, payment terms, and other contractual aspects.

Effective communication and information sharing

Centralized communication platform

loggia Owners Extranet serves as a centralised platform for communication between property owners and management companies. It allows management companies to share relevant articles, tips, updates, and announcements, fostering effective communication and collaboration.

Secure and exclusive access

loggia Owners Extranet provides property owners with secure and exclusive access to their dedicated area within the platform. Through a login system, owners can access confidential information related to their property, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

Customizable branding

Property management companies can customise loggia Owners Extranet with their branding elements, creating a white-label solution that reflects their brand identity and enhances the overall owner experience.


White label support

Customise the platform with your branding elements.

Secure and exclusive access

Ensure privacy and confidentiality with login-based access.

Reservations list for owner's property

Conveniently manage bookings for your property.

Availability information

Access real-time occupancy insights.

Contract details

Review contract specifics within the platform.

Communications and information sharing

Centralised platform for effective communication.


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