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loggia Mobile App

Easily manage all daily tasks for property managers and owners via your mobile

What is the loggia Mobile App?

The loggia Mobile App is value+ add-on that simplifies property management. With features like cleaning schedule management, booking management, intuitive calendar functionality, and seamless task assignment, this app empowers property owners and managers to efficiently handle their responsibilities on the go.

Key User Benefits

  • Efficiency: Simplify tasks, save time, and boost productivity.
  • Guest experience: Ensure clean, well-managed properties for happy guests.
  • Communication: Collaborate easily, assign tasks, and track progress.
  • Control: Manage bookings, schedules, and reservations seamlessly.
  • Access: Stay updated with real-time data and make informed decisions.

Why use the loggia Mobile App?

Enhanced efficiency and productivity

Streamline property management tasks

Manage cleaning schedules, bookings, and reservations effortlessly. The loggia Mobile App centralises property management tasks, saving time and resources while boosting efficiency.

Real-time access and updates

Stay informed and make informed decisions on the move. The app provides real-time access to reservation data, ensuring up-to-date information, efficient operations, and effective decision-making.

Effective communication and collaboration

Simplify communication and foster collaboration among team members. The app enables owners and managers to send actions, assign tasks, provide instructions, and track progress seamlessly, promoting efficient workflow and effective teamwork.

Improved guest experience

Streamlined cleaning schedules

Ensure well-maintained properties for exceptional guest experiences. The app allows easy assignment and tracking of cleaning schedules, providing a clean and welcoming environment for guests.

Efficient booking management

Gain complete control over reservations for a seamless booking process. The app enables owners and managers to manage all aspects of bookings, including departures, arrivals, and cancellations, ensuring effective planning and coordination.

Intuitive calendar functionality

Stay organised and manage time effectively. The app's intuitive calendar feature provides a clear visual representation of bookings and property availability, facilitating efficient scheduling and planning.

Simplified task management

Seamless task assignment and tracking

Assign and track tasks effortlessly. The app allows owners and managers to send actions directly, assigning tasks, providing instructions, and tracking progress in real time for enhanced task management.

Quick reservation entry

Save time with an easy reservation entry. Whether it's a direct booking or from a channel, owners and managers can add new reservations on the go, ensuring an updated system and avoiding delays.

Comprehensive mobile solution

Experience the power of a comprehensive mobile app. The loggia Mobile App offers a range of features to streamline property management tasks, enhancing efficiency, organisation, and guest satisfaction.

Empowering property owners and managers

Efficient property management made easy

Simplify property management tasks and take control of your operations. The loggia Mobile App streamlines tasks, saving time, and enabling efficient management.

Real-time access to reservation data

Stay updated with real-time access to reservation information. The app ensures you have the latest data at your fingertips, facilitating prompt responses, and informed decision-making.

Seamless communication and collaboration

Foster effective communication and collaboration within your team. The app's features enable easy assignment of tasks, instructions, and progress tracking, promoting efficient workflow and teamwork.


Cleaning schedule (turns)

Assign and track cleaning schedules effortlessly to ensure well-maintained properties and a welcoming environment for guests.

Booking management

Gain complete control over reservations, including departures, arrivals, and cancellations, for effective planning and coordination.


Stay organised and manage time effectively with an intuitive calendar feature that provides a clear visual representation of bookings and property availability.

Send actions

Simplify communication and collaboration by sending actions directly through the app, assigning tasks, providing instructions, and tracking progress seamlessly.

Add new reservations

Save time with easy reservation entry, whether it's a direct booking or received through a channel, to keep the system updated and avoid delays.


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