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Automated Messages

Create Automated Messages and delivery rules

What are Automated Messages?

Automated Messages is a powerful value+ add-on that enables property management companies to communicate efficiently and personalise their interactions with property owners and guests. Streamline your communication processes, deliver timely information, and enhance the overall guest experience.

Key User Benefits

  • Efficient and personalised communication: Streamline interactions with property owners and guests.
  • Timely updates and information: Deliver announcements, updates, and property-specific details.
  • Automated booking confirmations: Ensure a seamless guest experience with automated confirmations.
  • Driving directions: Provide directions to reduce travel confusion and delays.
  • Proactive review requests: Collect feedback to improve your online reputation.
  • Time savings: Automate messaging and scheduling for efficiency.

Why use loggia messaging system?

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Efficient communication

Streamline property communication effortlessly

loggia's messaging system enables property management companies to send emails and SMS messages directly to property owners and guests, ensuring efficient and timely communication.

Save time with automated messaging

Automate communication processes with loggia's messaging system, saving time and effort. Schedule messages in advance and reduce the need for manual follow-ups and reminders.

Stay informed and engaged

Keep property owners and guests informed and engaged by providing timely updates, announcements, and important information related to their properties through loggia's messaging system.

Personalised messaging

Tailor messages to individual needs

Customise emails and messages based on property-specific requirements, location-based recommendations, or personalised offers with loggia's messaging system. Deliver personalised messages that strengthen relationships and foster a sense of care and attention.

Connect on a personal level

Forge meaningful connections with property owners and guests through personalised messages. loggia's messaging system allows property management companies to communicate on a personal level, ensuring a more engaging and satisfying experience.

Deliver a personal touch

Enhance guest satisfaction by sending personalised pre-arrival instructions, driving directions, and review requests. loggia's messaging system adds a personal touch that makes guests feel valued and well-cared for.

Improved guest experience

Seamlessly confirm bookings

Delight guests with automated booking confirmation emails through loggia's messaging system. Provide timely confirmation of reservations, giving guests peace of mind and reducing the need for manual communication.

Stress-free check-in experience

Ensure a smooth check-in process by sending pre-arrival check-in instructions via loggia's messaging system. Guests receive clear guidance on check-in procedures, key pickup, and necessary documentation, minimising confusion and maximising satisfaction.

Hassle-free navigation

Simplify guest's journey by providing driving directions directly to their devices through loggia's messaging system. Minimize travel confusion or delays, allowing guests to arrive at the property effortlessly.

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Enhanced review generation

Proactively collect guest feedback

Leverage loggia's messaging system to request reviews from guests, encouraging them to share their experiences and provide valuable feedback. Proactively collect reviews to improve your online reputation and attract future bookings.

Showcase positive experiences

Use loggia's messaging system to highlight positive guest experiences through reviews. Showcase glowing testimonials to potential guests, increasing trust and influencing their booking decisions.

Strengthen online reputation

Build a strong online reputation by actively seeking guest reviews with loggia's messaging system. Collecting authentic feedback helps property management companies maintain credibility, credibility, and stand out from the competition.


Owner emails and SMS

Send updates and important information directly to property owners and guests.

Custom emails

Personalise messages based on property-specific requirements or offers.

Booking confirmation

Automatically send booking confirmations to guests, ensuring peace of mind.

Pre-arrival check-in

Send instructions for a smooth and hassle-free check-in experience.

Driving directions

Provide guests with clear and accurate directions to your property.

Requesting reviews

Encourage guests to share their experiences and contribute to your online reputation.


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