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hotelizer - other third-party integrations

Enhance guest experience with select third-party integrations

What are the other third-party integrations?

The other third-party integrations premium add-on facilitates connections between hotelizer and select third-party applications. This ensures an optimised and efficient integration process and operational workflow. For specifics on available integrations, please contact our team.

Key User Benefits

  • Selective integration: connect with a curated list of industry-leading third-party applications.
  • Enhanced guest experience: offer unique services aligned with your hotel's brand.
  • Efficient operations: simplify processes with integrative tools while maintaining core functionality.

Why use the other third-party integrations?

Handpicked integration choices

Curated integration options

Benefit from connections to a select group of third-party applications, tailored for the hotel industry.Contact us for specifics.

Value-driven choices

Our list comprises tools that bring tangible value to hotel operations and guest satisfaction.

Continuous updates

Our list of integrations is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure continued relevance and value.

Prioritising guest experience

Services aligned with brand

Choose from integrations that resonate with your hotel's brand and ethos, enhancing guest loyalty.

Direct guest feedback

Some integrations facilitate instant guest feedback, fostering swift improvements.

Quality entertainment options

For those seeking entertainment integrations, we offer select connections that boost the in-room guest experience.

Seamless operational integration

Simplified management

Monitor and control integrated applications with ease via hotelizer's dashboard.

Minimised integration hassles

With our guidance, reduce manual intervention and ensure a smooth integration process.

Focused workflow

With fewer, more impactful integrations, maintain a streamlined workflow that avoids overwhelming staff.


Integration with select third-party applications

Seamlessly connect with third-party applications to enhance your operational workflow.

Centralised dashboard for management

Access a centralised dashboard for efficient management of integrations.

Regular updates on available integrations

Stay informed with regular updates on the latest integrations available.

Streamlined operational workflow

Simplify and streamline your operational workflow with integrated third-party applications.


Here are some of your most asked questions. If yours is not there, do not hesitate to contact us.

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