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Webhotelier Connect

Ensure seamless connectivity with webhotelier booking engine

What is webhotelier Connect Value+ for hotel works PMS?

webhotelier Connect Value+ is a powerful integration designed to seamlessly enhance hotel works PMS, providing a wide array of tools and features to optimise your hotel's performance and profitability.

Key User Benefits

  • Maximise Direct Bookings: Reduce reliance on third-party platforms and increase revenue through direct bookings.
  • Effortless Integration: Seamlessly integrate webhotelier Connect Value+ with hotel works PMS for unified management.
  • Guest Satisfaction: Elevate the guest experience with a seamless and customised booking process.
  • Global Accessibility: Multilingual support caters to a diverse international audience.
  • Simplified Booking Transactions: Accept bookings in multiple currencies, reducing currency exchange complexities.
  • Mobile Optimisation: Capture bookings from on-the-go travellers with a fully optimised mobile booking experience.
  • Real-time Insights: Make informed decisions with access to real-time analytics and reporting.
  • Value-Added Features: Explore a range of premium features designed to enhance your hotel works PMS capabilities.

Why Choose Webhotelier Connect Value+ for Hotel Works PMS?

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Seamless integration and customisation

Effortless integration

Seamlessly connect webhotelier with hotel works PMS for unified management.

Enhanced customisation

Tailor the booking process to align with your hotel's branding and website design, ensuring a seamless and consistent guest experience.

Increased conversion rates

Personalise the booking process according to your property's branding to significantly enhance conversion rates and drive more bookings.

Global accessibility and multilingual support

Cater to diverse audiences

Multilingual support caters to a diverse international audience, extending your reach.

Simplified booking transactions

Accept bookings in 61+ currencies, reducing currency exchange complexities and offering a convenient booking experience.

Localised & transparent booking

Offer a seamless booking experience to international guests, making them feel welcomed and understood using their own language and currency.

Mobile optimisation and competitive edge

Capture on-the-go bookings

Optimise your booking process for mobile devices, allowing guests to seamlessly book rooms or packages from their smartphones or tablets at any time.

Enhanced guest satisfaction

Offer a user-friendly mobile booking experience meeting the expectations of modern travellers, boosting guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Stay ahead of competitors

In a mobile-first world, a fully optimised mobile booking engine provides a competitive edge, capturing bookings from on-the-go travellers.


Dynamic pricing and promotion

Create dynamic rates, packages, and promotions to attract more bookings and enhance revenue.

Payment gateway integrations

Ensure secure online transactions without additional fees for your property.

Real-time demand analytics

Track search and stay demand for various source markets.

Travel Company Connect

Partner with 35,000+ travel agents and corporates, expanding your distribution reach.

Metaconnect integration

Enhance online visibility by displaying room inventory on key travel metasearch platforms.

Google Hotel Ads

Display your rates directly through Google Search and Google Maps, encouraging direct bookings.

Upsell and cross-sell suggestions

Increase revenue by suggesting additional services or packages during the booking process.

Promo code creation

Design promotional/voucher codes to provide special discounts and deals, increasing booking rates.

Automated email reminders

Minimise no-shows by sending automated reminders for upcoming stays.

Customisable email templates

Strengthen guest communication with branded email notifications for bookings, cancellations, etc.

Intelligence reporting suite

Utilise comprehensive reports for data-driven decision-making, including occupancy, revenue metrics, and booking sources.

Smart Guest loyalty management

Foster guest loyalty with personalised programs and seamless management.

Price Schemes (easy yielding)

Create intricate pricing structures based on base rates and derivations, non-refundable rates, or early bird specials to maximise revenue.

Hotel & Flight engine

Introduce flight bookings alongside room reservations, diversifying your revenue sources.

Customisable booking rules

Set specific booking criteria such as minimum/maximise stay, specific check-in/check-out days, etc.

Multi-property management

Oversee multiple properties from a unified dashboard, optimising operations and management costs.

Mobile optimisation

Guarantee the booking engine's full responsiveness on mobile devices, enabling guests to book while on the move.

Customisable booking process

Tailor the booking engine to match your brand and website design, ensuring a smooth experience for guests.

Multilingual support

Serve a global audience by offering support for multiple languages and expanding bookings from worldwide visitors.

Multi-currency support

Facilitate bookings in various currencies, reducing currency exchange complexities for international guests.

Real-time room inventory management

Prevent overbooking and ensure accurate room availability and pricing.


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