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Third-party hardware integrations

Pay TV, keylocks, telephone centres, check-in passport scanners.

What are third-party hardware integrations?

Our Third-Party Hardware Integrations empower your business with unified software-hardware synergy. Elevate guest experiences, streamline operations, and harness real-time insights for informed decisions.

Key User Benefits

  • Elevated Guest Experience: Deliver unmatched guest satisfaction with automated and convenient services powered by integrated hardware solutions.
  • Optimised Operations: Boost efficiency by automating tasks and reducing manual effort through the harmonious synergy of software and hardware.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Leverage real-time insights to make data-driven decisions, enhancing both guest services and operational management.

Why use third-party hardware integrations?

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Streamlined Guest Services

Pay TV Integration

Revolutionise the guest room experience by integrating pay TV systems. Enable seamless billing, personalised content, and enhanced room control for unparalleled comfort.

Keylock Integration

Effortlessly manage guest access with keylock integration. Facilitate smooth check-in and room entry, enhancing guest satisfaction while optimising staff operations.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Telephone Center Integration

Empower your staff with seamless communication through telephone centre integration. Automate reservations, service requests, and guest interactions, ensuring timely responses.

Check-In Passport Scanner Integration

Transform the check-in experience with passport scanner integration. Expedite guest identification, minimise errors, and streamline administrative tasks.

Real-Time Insights

Operational Analytics

Leverage integrated hardware data for operational analytics. Gain valuable insights into guest preferences, service efficiency, and operational patterns, facilitating continuous improvements.

Real-Time Monitoring

Ensure flawless guest experiences with real-time monitoring of hardware interactions. Detect and address issues promptly to uphold operational integrity.


Pay TV integration

Watch TV in your hotel room, and it will automatically charge you and offer personalised content.

Keylock integration

Use electronic keys for your hotel room, making check-in and entry smooth and efficient.

Telephone centre integration

Hotel staff can communicate easily, helping with reservations, requests, and guest interactions.

Check-In passport scanner integration

Speed up check-in by scanning passports, reducing errors and making it quicker.

Operational analytics

Use data to see what guests like, improve services, and make the hotel run better.

Real-time monitoring

Keep an eye on how everything is working in real-time, so any problems are fixed fast.


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