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F&B works

Manage F&B point of sales with hotel works integrated pos

What is F&B works?

F&B works is designed to revolutionise your restaurant's operations, enhancing every aspect from order processing to financial management and inventory Control. This intuitive software empowers you to provide exceptional customer service, streamline internal processes, and make informed decisions for sustained growth.

Key User Benefits

  • Effortless order management: Seamlessly handle orders, deliveries, and reservations to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Improved staff communication: Enhance communication between staff and the kitchen for smoother operations.
  • Streamlined financial control: Simplify financial and inventory management, aiding in better decision-making.

Why use F & B Works?

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Boost order accuracy and speed

Order management made seamless

F&B works simplifies order processing from point of sale to kitchen, ensuring orders are accurate, transmitted instantly, and prepared promptly, resulting in faster service and happier customers.

Real-time order tracking

Keep customers informed with real-time order tracking, reducing uncertainty and increasing satisfaction as they know exactly when their food will be ready.

Efficient delivery coordination

Coordinate deliveries seamlessly with our dedicated system, optimising routes and minimising delays for a smoother delivery experience.

Enhance financial control

Precise financial tracking

F&B works empowers you to track sales and expenses accurately, aiding in budgeting and financial analysis for better decision-making.

Automated invoicing

Reduce administrative workload with automated invoicing for both purchases and sales, ensuring timely payments and accurate records.

Comprehensive reporting

Gain insights into your restaurant's financial health with a range of comprehensive reports, enabling you to identify trends, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Optimise inventory management

Streamlined inventory tracking

Effortlessly manage inventory levels, track stock movement, and ensure optimal ingredient availability, reducing waste and preventing stockouts.

Integrated supplier management

Seamlessly communicate with suppliers and streamline procurement processes, guaranteeing timely deliveries and minimising disruptions.

Effective cost control

Maintain control over costs by closely monitoring consumption trends, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and ensuring accurate pricing.


Effortless order processing

Simplify order processing and tracking for faster service and happier customers.

Automated invoicing

Reduce administrative workload with automated invoicing and financial tracking.

Comprehensive reporting

Gain insights with comprehensive reports for better decision-making.

Streamlined inventory management

Efficiently manage inventory levels and supplier communication.


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