Revinate + WebHotelier

have partnered to offer a free snapshot of reputation data to Webhotelier users

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What can you do with Revinate?

Monitor & Respond

Aggregate all of your hotel reviews into one dashboard where you can monitor, analyze, and respond to online feedback from your guests.

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Analyze Sentiment

Automated text analysis makes it easy to identify what visitors love about your hotel and where you can make improvements.

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Benchmark Against Competitors

See all of your competitors' reviews right next to yours to help you effectively benchmark against your competition.

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Improve your ranking on review sites and OTAs

  • Drive higher revenues and more direct bookings by improving your rankings
  • Outperform your competitors with insight into their performance
  • Understand your guests and make critical operational improvements
  • Save time by reading and responding to reviews all in one place
  • Result: See improvements in your reputation and rankings by 30% or more, which support higher room rates and greater occupancy

How we've helped our customers

Revinate easily saves us 8 hours a week, if not more by pulling content from thousands of sources into a single location. It easily pays for itself each month in time savings.

Lisa Juliot, Social Media Community Manager
Crown Paradise Club

We were able to increase room rates due to the surge in feedback volume and strategic changes we were able to make very quickly because of the data we get from Revinate.